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Growing Together | July - September 2019

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Your General Manager, Michael Gibson Growing Together

S ummer has arrived. For some this is a time to travel and others prefer to stay at home, enjoying the local flavors and entertainment without the crowds found in South Florida during the busy winter months. For most of our team, summer is a time to plan for the upcoming season schedule, prepare the 2020 budget and complete major routine maintenance projects both in the clubhouse and throughout the property. Many of the clubhouse projects will be completed in August during the closing of the dining rooms from August 6 through 21. Lunch will be available at the Pool Café on Wednesdays through Sundays during this time. While closed, we will be cleaning the carpeting, painting many areas of the clubhouse and additional general building repairs. The golf course will close August 6 through August 16 for scheduled agronomic practices that are recommended to provide the best year-round turf conditions. Growing together is a perfect theme for this newsletter. After many changes over the past year we are taking time to grow together in many ways. Our food and beverage team has made great strides under the direction of our Director of Operations, Jennifer Jolly. Service standards have improved and we continue to hire the best professionals in the industry. The team has received warm accolades from recent catered events with Carla Hull at the helm. Catering is a great way to help the club so if you have a friend or family

member thinking about having an event please send them our way. Our golf team has also had many changes over the past year and we continue to see excitement in the department as they discuss staffing for next season. Shawn Costello and his team have done a wonderful job in creating enhancements to the golf and services program which can be experienced daily.

And speaking of growing, our future is extremely bright as we put together the final touches on the plans for our Sports & Wellness Center and resort style pool renovation. Our site plan has been finalized and the enhancements planned for our outdoor areas including the pool, food & beverage, kids splash pad and children’s play area are incredible. Our planned date to begin construction continues to be April 20, 2020. It’s the time of year when home sales start to pick up. We are pleased to see an increase in sales in May and June as evidenced by the recent contracts on our newly renovated condominiums in Le Jardin. Our stay & play program, “Glimpse of the Grove” is re- sponsible for producing the opportunity to complete one of those sales. We still have one renovated unit available, so please share this information with a family member or friend that is ready to get a taste of Boca Grove. Our builder program is thriving for the first time in many years and we have several investors and builders interested in investing in the future of Boca Grove. Renovations and upgrades are at an all-time high within our gates and the process of prospective members having availability at a refurbished new home or condominium is an exciting reality. Marketing, marketing, marketing….Jennifer Jolly and I, will be traveling north this summer on a promotional tour of high end country clubs in the Toronto area from August 11 to August 15. We have been working on this trip and have arranged meetings at several clubs to host cocktail receptions introducing Boca Grove to potential members and residents. We will also be inviting our own members and their friends who live near the clubs we visit. If you happen to be in the area while we are there, please let us know, we would love to invite you to join us. Growing together is not just about the staff at Boca Grove. We are also growing with you and your family. One of the best things to witness is the close family bonds at our dinners and special events. Just like every family, the Boca Grove family grows closer every day and we are glad to share the memories together. Thank you for your role in helping us to inspire members to enjoy every day of their lives. Creating fond memories and lasting relationships is something we will always strive for.

Happy Summer! Michael J. Gibson General Manager/COO

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Escape Everyday


At Boca Grove, life is simply......well lived.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Growing Together By Jennifer Jolly

H enry Ford once said, “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Being a Detroiter, I grew up on inspirational quotes like this. My Detroit was a city of immigrants who, despite their differences, came together for the good of the community. None of my grandparents were born in America, they came here for opportunity. They started in the labor force – automotive, plumbing, marble sculptor, seamstress, baker, fisherman. My Dad’s generation brought

entrepreneurs, educators, bankers, lawyers even the inception of a well- known pizza chain that became paramount to maintaining Detroit’s brand. Family helping family, neighbor helping neighbor, providing a leg up, building bridges, building a community. It was a magnificent way to grow up. I’m not saying it was always easy to be from the “Murder Capital of the World.” Detroit has been through city engulfing fires, racial riots in both ‘43 and ‘67, some of our nation’s highest crime rates, bankruptcy and economic downturns. We all know it is the ups and downs of life that shape our character. I can tell you, with certainty and conviction, that my fair city is a force to be reckoned with. She has returned to her glory days in many ways – people are moving back into The D, the cultural scene is alive, family activities have taken a front seat and hospitality reigns supreme. Today the city is thriving! Reflecting on my history makes me proud to find myself here at Boca Grove. As my first year comes to a close, I am pleasantly surprised with how similar many of you are to my own family. I am thrilled and energized each day in the realization that Boca Grove has the same fighting spirit as Detroit. I am motivated to be better every day and to make a positive impact as I watch our club members, board members and our teamworking together to bring success to Boca Grove. This past season gave us many successes in the area of growth. We have developed our “Glimpse of the Grove” program yielding two condominium sales in Le Jardin with two full Golf memberships. The program has also attracted attention in the media giving us a “Luxury Travel Guide” award and anhonorablementionwith the PlatinumClubs of America. We are making strides towards our International Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary designation through our work with the bees as well as identifying and protecting our native foxes, bats, birds and lush fauna thatmake BocaGrove sobeautiful. We are building a newSports& Wellness Center that will keep our membership healthy while attracting new families and home sales. Finally, our Golf Stabilization vote passed on July 1. Rebuilding is a long road, but it is also a very rewarding one. I see the grandeur of Boca Grove, both its past and its future. Let’s keep growing together!

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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“Growth is never by mere chance;

it is the result of forces working together.” ~James Cash Penney

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Be Ready - Be Safe - Be Prepared As we begin to get into the thick of Hurricane Season we hope for a quiet season, however whether it is an active hurricane period or not, we need to be reminded of some important steps to take before, during and after a stormhits land in our area.

Before the Storm

Hurricane Watch

Have a plan Create an emergency plan and review it with everyone in your

Watch & Listen Hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. Make sure your vehicle is full of gasoline. Withdraw money to last for several days. Begin installing shutters if available. Bring outdoor furniture inside and secure properly. Closely monitor storm progress by watching local news. Inform Boca Grove security if you plan to evacuate.

home. Trim trees, especially palms with coconuts. Assess your home for vulnerable areas like roof tiles, screens and fences. Update your emergency contact list with Boca Grove security. Inventory valuables, gather insurance policies and important documents. Prepare an emergency kit including medical supplies, flashlights, batteries and any items you and your family will need for an extended time. Be sure to have a plan for your pets if

you need to evacuate, most shelters do not allow pets.

Hurricane Warning

Get Ready Hurricane force winds are emminent. Fill bathtub and containers with water. Turn off automatic sprinklers. Power down and unplug large electronics. Secure any remaining objects outside of the home. Check your neighbors home for any unsecured debris or outdoor furnishings. If evacuating, expect delays.

After the Storm

Use Caution Beware of fallen power

lines. While electricity may be out, service can be restored at any time.

Take Cover

Place generators outside and away fromwin- dows. Avoid driving if possible. Remember many traffic lights may be out and should be treated as a four way stop. Photograph and document damage. In the event of a boil water advisory, do no use faucet water for consumption by people or pets. Keep accurate records of your pre and post storm expenses. Check on your neighbors.

Stay Safe Remain inside as the storm approaches and during the storm. Keep away from windows and doors. Turn freezer and refrigerator to coldest setting with doors closed to preserve cold air. Use generator power sparingly. Close all interior doors. Take refuge in a small interior room, closet or hallway on the lowest level of your home. Avoid using phones

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Furry Friend or Fearful Foe? by Heather Dupree

O ur community is full of wildlife friends of fur and feather. Recently we have seen an influx of some specific fur friends and some of you have asked, “Is this creature a friend or foe?” Well, let’s dig in and review some facts about these little guys who also call Boca Grove home. Some of you may have seen the

Our neighborhood foxes are friendly, but you should not feed them as it is illegal to do so in the state of Florida. Some residents may be concerned about pets being outdoors when foxes are around. With a few exceptions, the precautions you should take are the very same things that are appropriate to do for your pets even if foxes were not present. Feed your pets indoors, not out where foxes can get to their food. If you have small pets (smaller than the foxes), it is suggested to not leave them unattended outdoors or on a screened in patio as an extra safety precaution. If you happen to spot one of these playful critters, consider yourself lucky because it is a wonderful sight to see them frolic in our backyard. Let’s move on to bats! There are 13 species of bats that live in Florida and they are the only mammal that flies instead of glides. Bats are not rodents, they are in a mammal order all of their own, the Chiroptera, which means “hand-wing”. Florida bats are insectivores. They eat moths, flies, dragonflies, beetles, wasps, ants, mosquitoes and more. The best part is that bats can eat their bodyweight in insects each night. That is good news during the summer when mosquitoes are at the highest concentration. Bats who live in Florida make their home wherever they can find good shelter. They may prefer caves, but as that is not common in Florida, they will find shelter in buildings, bridges, tree cavities, undersides of branches and palm fronds, in Spanish moss, on utility poles and in sheds or houses. They may seek shelter in the corner barrel tiles of our community rooves, especially now during mating season, however they are pro- tected and cannot be relocated until after August 15. If they have found a home on your property during this period, just think of them as a friendly bug eater. At first sight you may think the foxes and bats making Boca Grove home are foes but they should actually be considered our friends, especially as they pose no danger and eradicate the rodents, iguanas and mosquitoes that are not wanted among us.

family of Gray Foxes in our Community. Florida has two types of foxes, the Gray and Red Fox. Gray Foxes have black hair along the middle of their backs and their tail is tipped in black, while their faces, sides, back and tail are gray. The under parts are white, and the sides of the neck and underside of the tail are rusty-yellow in color. Gray Foxes are able to climb trees and are the only North American members of the dog family who can do so.

Foxes are typically nocturnal; however, they can be seen feeding at dawn, dusk or during the day. The mainstay of a fox’s diet is mice, rats and rabbits, but will also include small birds, reptiles (like iguanas), amphibians, fish, fruits, berries, and insects to supplement their diet. Foxes help maintain a balance in the rodent and rabbit population, as well as our abundance of iguanas. The only time a fox would become aggressive towards people is if it is injured or sick.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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C offee just appears out of nowhere. Perfectly rolled white towels always fill the bathroom shelves. You could truly eat off the floors. All of this happens with nary a clue as to how. Sometimes I’ll hear a little humming from Chippers as Arnaldo makes his morning rounds. Sometimes I’ll hear a sweet Dominican song while Juana straightens the chairs in the Ladies Card Room. Sometimes I’ll hear the infectious laughter of Indy as she says good morning to fellow teammates. Other than that, you would never know they are here but without them our Club would not be nearly as beautiful. So who are these Harmonic Heroes of Housekeeping who ever so sweetly take care of our members and protect our assets while almost disappearing into the woodwork? It is my honor to introduce you to Emma Beltran’s team - Arnaldo, Martha, Ana, Carmen, Indiana aka Indy and Juana. A common thread among these Harmonious Housekeeping Heroes is living a simple life filled with joy and happiness. Family is first, showing up on everyone’s list. Like Emma and Ana, Arnaldo is very proud of his grandchildren. He delights in watching them grow while teaching them about his love of gardening. Juana shares Arnaldo’s love of gardening, which is something she does while spending time with her precious pup. She also loves to dance, which came as no surprise to me as I could easily imagine both Juana and Indiana dancing in a garden, they just have that spirit. That same garden could be a quiet backdrop for Indiana’s love of reading, which she shares with Emma and Ana. Carmen loves to read as well, enjoying all the offerings of her local library. A self-professed sports fanatic, Carmen loves to watch sports, especially tennis and golf, which made her the perfect person to assist Martina Navratilova when she was here filming last summer. Summer weather is here all year in Florida, which may be why Ana and Arnaldo spend so much time poolside or at the beach. But where Arnaldo looks to the water for time to reflect, Ana, along with Emma, use the beach and pool as a backdrop and conduit for exercise. Both admit to being a bit addicted and find it a wonderful way to unwind from a productive day at Boca Grove. The entire team speaks some form of Spanish … influences of Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Dominican Republic can be heard in their dialect. Together they form a harmonious melody when they speak to each other. That harmony is seen in their work together and shines in the finished product that is Boca Grove. There is something magical about our little orchestra, our Harmonic Heroes of Housekeeping, led by a 27-year Boca Grove veteran, our talented and caring Conductor, Emma. Harmonic Heroes of Housekeeping

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Gary Player - Return of Greatness By Jennifer Jolly

S hortly after I first started at Boca Grove I came into the office and found that some fairy godmother had left a treasure trove of history on my desk. There were marketing pieces from the developer, newspaper clippings from the 80s, black and white photographs, even 35mm slides – remember those? When we needed a projector??!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I dug through the files, devoured every article, held those slides up to the light trying to figure out who was who and what was what. It took a bit, but I final- ly discovered it was actually a fairy god father, Joe Janoura, who had left me this amazing gift. As a marketer, who we are, where we came from and where we are going is paramount to our success as a brand and as a community. Wearing my marketing hat, outside of the fact we began as a citrus/orange plantation, what struck me the most was that this was Gary Player’s first American home. I became obsessed with Mr. Player. I askedquestions of themembers, like Mr. Janoura, who had been here then. I made some solid assumptions – obviously our golf course was a main draw, but I also believed so was our com- munity. Lush landscaping, indigenous wildlife reminding him of his South African roots and a small, welcoming membership confident and successful in their own right that having a Pro Athlete Superstar in their midst was just another day. Because, make no mistake, Mr. Player is indeed a superstar! A quick internet search will tell you that Gary Player is the most successful inter- national golfer of all time. His career has spanned 7 decades, turning pro at 17 in 1953. He has won 167 tournament victo- ries including 18 majors and Grand Slams on both Tours. What the internet doesn’t tell you however is that he is a kind man, a family man married 62 years to Vivienne with six children, 22 grandchildren and one great grandchild. He shared stories of his family, including eldest Jennifer’s restaurant and farm in South Africa, over lunch with us in May.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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On May 23 we welcomed Gary back to Boca Grove with a round of golf with Shawn Costello, Rafael Barajas and Michael Gibson. It was a magical day with several members joining up with the group as they played a course a bit different from the one Gary played in the Quadel Senior Classics, held here from 1983 to 1985. Members asked questions, received signed autographs and even hit a couple of chip shots up on the 18th green with him. What tickled me the most though was lunch. He was wonderful as he introduced himself to the Food & Beverage team, spoke of the impor- tance of nutrition and fitness, and just lit up when surprise lunch guest Bob Toski arrived to talk about the old days. It was the first time Shawn, Michael and I have been together and each rendered speechless! Special thanks to Susan & Gary Carter who lent us an autographed poster of Gary’s win at the 1985 Quadel Senior Classic. It was the perfect finishing touch!! Outside of the insider stories I would never know, I really enjoyed just getting to know Gary. I love that he uses honey to sweeten his coffee and was genuinely excited and impressed that we had our own apiary. His passion for health, nutri- tion and fitness was truly inspiring. He spoke of how he received his first set of dumbbells from his brother when he was just 8 years old. He has never missed a day of exercise, still

completing 1,000 crunches a week! He attributes his athletic success, strong mind and body, longevity and happi- ness to his lifelong commitment and philosophy regarding fitness. I don’t know about all of you, but my mar- keting mind is thinking he should be invited back for our Sports & Wellness Center ground breaking on April 20, 2020. Gary lives our Mission Statement. In the meantime, we will try to stay up with Boca Grove alum Gary Player as he continues to travel the world in the name of golf. In addition to Dan Pendola’s quarterly article “Player’s Corner”, which was started by Heather Dupree and I based on Gary’s book, “Gary Player’s Black Book”, we will also post on Facebook and include updates as we have them. All the best to you Gary, our Black Knight!

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Recipe of the Month: Summer BBQ Skirt Steak and Spicy Shrimp Charcoal Grilled Corn Salad, Charred Sweet Potato Planks Sangria with Grilled Peaches Serves 6

For the Skirt Steak 3 lbs Skirt Steak 2 oz Honey 8 oz Teriyaki Glace 4 oz Soy Sauce 2 oz Orange Juice 2 oz Brown Sugar

1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper 1 tsp Ground Black Pepper 2 oz Scallions, Minced 2 tbsp Ginger, Minced 4 tbsp Garlic, Minced

2 oz Sesame Oil Method: Marinate Steak for 2 hours, place on hot grill for about 3-4 minutes on each side

For the Shrimp 12 ea Large Shrimp 4 oz Ketchup 2 oz Gochujang Sauce

2 tbsp Brown Sugar 1 oz Rice Wine Vinegar

2 oz Soy Sauce Method: Peel and deveine shrimp, set aside. Combine all but shrimp in sauce pot, bring to a simmer, remove fromheat and chill. Toss shrimp in half of sauce. Place 2 shrimp each on wood skewers that have been soaked in water. Place on a hot grill, 2 minutes on each side. Brush with remaining sauce prior to serving

For the Charcoal Grilled Corn Salad 3 ea Corn on the Cob 1 ea Lemon, Juice & Zest 1 ea Lime, Juice & Zest

4 tbsp Olive Oil 1 tbsp Minced Chive

Salt as needed 1 cup Peppers, Fine Diced Black Pepper as needed 12 ea Cherry Tomatoes, Charred Method: Grill corn and remove kernels from Cob. Combine all ingredients, chill

For the Sweet Potato Planks 3 ea Sweet Potato

3 tbsp Chive, Minced Salt and Pepper, as needed

2 oz Oil

3 tbsp Olive Oil Method: Slice sweet potatoes in length, leaving skin on. Brush planks with oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on hot grill till soft. Drizzle with olive oil and chive For the Sangria Grilled Peaches 6 ea Fresh Peach, Cut in half, pit removed Method: brush with oil, place on grill for 2 minutes, remove and chill, cut into cubes 1 ea Bottle of RedWine Splash of Sparkling Water, as needed 1 ea Orange, Cut in Cubes 2 Sprigs of Fresh Mint

1 ea Apple, Cut in Cube 1 ea Lemon, Cut in Cube 1 ea Lime, Cut in Cube Method: Combine all ingredients, serve chilled

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Sizzlin’ Summer See what your Executive Chef, Dominick Laudia is cooking up at the Grove.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Food for Thought By Carla Hull

M any of you have known me a long time. You have seen me really grow here at Boca Grove. In the 15 years I have been employed at the club, I have done it all when it comes to Food & Beverage. From bussing tables, bartending, waiting on tables, hostessing, reception, supervising and now managing. I grew up in the club just as the club grew on me, and I take pride in saying taking care of our members has always been very important to me. With the help and guidance of Jennifer Jolly, Chef Dominick Laudia and, of course, Mike Gibson as a team, they have challenged me and helped me learn a lot in these past 6 months. In addition to developing standards for our day- to-day operation, I have also had the opportunity to grow in areas that interest me. To that, in February, I was given a great opportunity to take my first WSET (wine and spirits education trust) coursework and test. Back in June, I took my second exam for WSET and am waiting on my results. Fingers crossed! I was even given the opportunity to grow in a professional capacity by attending the Club Managers Association of America three-day conference at Ocean Reef. Wow! did I learn a lot!! I met leaders in the field that really focused on the importance of taking ownership as if we were running our own personal business. The highlight was sharing a table at dinner with Scott Blanchard of The Ken Blanchard Companies as well as a very interesting seminar entitled “Bridging Generations as Clubs Evolve: Innovations in Member Experience and Food & Beverage,” by The Polo Club leadership team of General Manager Brett Morris

and Executive Chef Ed Leonard. It was an incredible experience that gave me tools and examples to bring back to the club and share with the rest of our Food & Beverage team – all with the intent to better serve you, our members. One thing that became evident to me at the conference was that at the heart of every private club’s operation is food and beverage. Some people play golf, some play tennis, some use the fitness center, but EVERYONE eats! The ability to successfully bring the membership to the table and to keep them there is the direct result of an efficient, highly-motivated, well-trained staff devoted to serving quality food and beverages in a professional manner and, just as importantly, to guaranteeing a memorable experi- ence for every member and their guests. We began our first formal training program in late-May. We started by exploring the Ritz Carlton’s Three Steps of Service and what that meant to us at Boca Grove. The three steps sound quite simple …Warm Welcome, Sincere Personalized Service, Fond Farewell … but the devil is in the details. We worked with the team to show them how this relates to Boca Grove’s Vision, Mission and Club Culture. We worked with them as a team, where issues and solutions belong to all. In one session we broke them up into smaller teams challenging them to identify three things we do best, three things where improvement is necessary and three things we do not do today but we should. This led to about a dozen items in each category, which became our Best Practices. Standards of Operating Procedures were then

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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WINE Corner Sip. Savor. Swirl.

created, and the technical training process began. We spent two three-day weeks working on these items, which included introducing service teams, where we paired a senior person with a newcomer in a Front Server/Back Server role. We take advantage of our senior employees to help the newcomers learn our members. We make it a point to drill all our members’ names into our staff ’s memory bank. We learn our members likes and dislikes with respect to food, drink, seating, even who they prefer to socialize with. This information is shared to ensure your experience is better than what you would find at a restaurant where no one knows your name. We have now scheduled weekly trainings into our Food & Beverage programming. EveryWednesday, between the lunch and dinner shift, we review the goals we have set, our Best Practices and any errors that bubble up from the previous week creating a formal training pro- gram around it. We cover something different every time. From how to properly stack a tray using balance and carry it through the dining room, to how to take an order, to how to put it in the computer and use the modify buttons to communicate those special requests to the kitchen, to how to read a kitchen ticket and serve the table. We put them through state approved food safety classes, create games to make learning easier like Jeopardy Menu Training and Concentration Member Names/Faces card game. Role playing is important, especially when working on confidence in the dining room, how to greet a table and the proper way to serve and clear plates. It even helps the staff figure out what to do in a tough situation as we discuss and practice how handle common scenarios. Good training is important for everyone. It ultimately makes your employees more valuable. Not only do they become better servers for you but they also become more loyal, dedicated to the club overall and take pride in themselves and their service to you. I have also learned there is a large outlay of resources in training, not just in terms of money but also of time, talent and dedication. Training never ends, it is truly a journey, not a destination. I know it is easy to sit back and point out errors, I do it myself accidentally when dining out with family and friends. I challenge you to instead stand back and take a good look at your Food & Beverage team. Look at your physical assets and their potential. Notice how we have already changed, developed, made a positive impact. I assure you, you cannot learn this business overnight therefore we (your management team) have a greater interest in seeing people develop and grow. We may not be exactly where you want us yet as building a strong team will take time, but I just wanted to let you know we are working on it.

Wine Wednesdays LastWednesday of each month features wines from select vineyards around the world. Sample wines and receive discounted member pricing.

Friday Night Flights Every Friday night wine flights are offered featuring the wines from our selected winery of the month. Includes charcuterie and cheese board.

Wine Passport DINNER Save the Date for these Perfect Paring Dinners LIMITED SEATING

November 1 December 6 January 3 February 21 March 27 April 3

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Events to Spark Your Interest Social Director, Marcia Chiarelli has an event for everyone!

Big Band Hits from the Golden Age at FAU in conjunction with the Club at Boca Pointe Saturday, July 13 at 6:00 pm

The Big Band Concert features the Florida Wind Symphony Jazz Orchestra, a professional ensemble-in-residence at FAU. The band will present an evening of hits from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s including authentic music of big band sensations like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Bus departs from the Clubhouse at Boca Pointe at 6:15pm for 7:00pm performance. $40.00 person includes Ticket and Bus. Boca Museum of Art Midsummer “Cosmos” Party Tuesday, August 20 at 6:00 pm Carol Prusa is a contemporary artist known for her meticulous silverpoint technique and use of unexpected materials from sculpted resin and fiberglass to metal leaf and LED lights. Her recent sculptures and drawings provide a reflection on the subject of cosmology and deep space in the form of light-speckled domes, 3D glowing orbs, and silverpoint drawings Live DJ, light bites, and libations. $25.00 per person, includes admission to Museum Boca Bound at the Wick Theater Sunday, September 22 at 7:30 pm Boca Bound is the story of a 65 year old woman, Nadine, who has had an life of unre- alized dreams. Faced with sudden loneliness after forced retirement, Nadine accepts an invitation from her childhood friend Gert, to visit her for a while in Boca Raton. Come along on Nadine’s journey and be part of an uplifting story of friendship, romance, and the challenges of parenting later in our lives.

Canasta & Mahjongg Lessons Week of October 14 Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 11:30 am $100 PP

Coming in the Fall

Broward Center of the Performing Arts Broadway Series Shows

November 2019

April 2020

Greetings from


May 2020

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FOURTHOF JULY Cookout BBQ Thursday, July 4 Celebration begins at 5:30 pm

LABOR DAY Pool Party BBQ Monday, September 2 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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School is out and summer vibes are all around us! KIDS CORNER

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off our inaugural Field Day hosted by the Family Committee. The kids of Boca Grove competed in a variety of field games like sack races, hula hoops and corn hole. Somewhat of a throwback to simpler times, Field Day was a refreshing reminder of the magic that unfolds when we all step outside and unplug. Since opening, the field has been the spot for impromptu soccer games, frisbee and other outdoor activities so don’t hesitate to wander over and join the fun. Over the summer, the Family Committee is working closely with our team to plan exciting, entertaining and interactive events for the BG kids. As you head out on your family vacation, we encourage you to share any ideas you have for the upcoming season. It is never too early to think about fitness and our team is dedicated to helping our members, of all ages, achieve their optimal health. Students receive a discounted rate for personal training and individual orientation is available to children over the age of 10 to introduce gym etiquette and basic machine function. Visit the fitness center this summer to start your child’s journey towards a healthy mind body balance. After all the activity and exercise, take a moment to relax and soak up the sun by the pool. Whether you are sitting poolside or engaged in a competitive game of Marco Polo, the Pool Café is serving up ice cold drinks, crisp salads and fresh sandwiches every weekend. Stop by, grab a bite and jump on in, the water is great!

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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A Round of Events Shawn Costello, Director of Golf H appy Summer everyone! I hope whether you are at your summer home, out of town traveling, or here with us at beautiful Boca Grove, you are having a wonderful summer. Many of you are aware that our newly integrated on-line software program has allowed another step forward in our Department as it relates to events, sign-ups and message boards. The Golf Genius software we

Men’s Match-Up Game 8:30 am Start Saturday, July 6 Saturday, August 3 Saturday, September 7

Independence Day Nine & Dine Mixer Thursday, July 4 3:30 pm Shotgun Start Labor Day Mixer Sunday, September 1 1:00 pm Shotgun Start

are now using has allowed members to access event information and sign-ups through easy to use emails and on-line event portals. We have received great feedback on this and since it has been such a success, it will be used as the primary sign-up and event information mechanism we will use for all events throughout the season. For those unfamiliar or who may not want to utilize this function, you may simply inform a member of the Professional Staff and they will gladly sign you up for an event. Our Saturday Men’s Match-Up game began in late May with six play dates, running through July 27. These have allowed many new members along with members without a regular game, to meet other fellow members, and create a sense of camaraderie amongst the membership. Thank you to all those that have participated in these great events and congratulations to all the winners thus far. This summer we have our Independence Day and Labor Day Mixers which promise to be great holiday events highlighted by great golf, fun and family BBQ fanfare after play. Please come out and join us for these special events. With over twenty reciprocal clubs on our list this year, more than doubling what was previously available, we have had the pleasure of sending so many of you to such great facilities. The feedback from you has been terrific and we appreciate all of you representing Boca Grove with the highest degree and standards while playing off property. For those of you spending the summer with us, you most likely have noticed the expansion and redesign of the area between the 9th Green and the Golf Shop. This project will allow us to better accommodate the increasing golf cart traffic flow and desired parking space. Further, the addition of the beverage and amenity oasis will provide members with increased space and accessibility to these items. This will be completed prior to the season beginning and be a welcomed surprise for all those returning from their summer home or travels away. We are pleased to announce the Golf Committee has approved the 2019-2020 golf calendar of events. We are very excited about this upcoming year’s schedule which will feature new programs, clinics, and events. This will be published in an Activities Guide and be available late summer, prior to the season beginning. This summer marks the first full summer for myself and much of the golf staff here. We are pleased to have gotten so much done and thank you all for your tremendous support. As we move forward within the operation, we will continue to identify ways to enhance your experience here by providing new, better and different opportunities to further your enjoyment and engagement within the department; and as always, if there is anything we can do to further your enjoyment here, please let us know.

Golf Course Closure The Golf Course will be closed for maintenance on August 5 through August 15. Please contact the Golf Shop to arrange reciprocal play

HOURS OF OPERATION May to October GOLF SHOP Monday: Closed Tuesday - Sunday: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm GOLF COURSE Monday: Closed Tuesday to Friday & Sunday 8:00 am - Dusk Saturday: 7:45 am - Dusk

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Player’s Corner Dan Pendola, Head Golf Professional I n this edition of Player’s Corner I would like to discuss your warm-up before a round of golf. In a section of Gary Player’s Black Book, labeled “What is the best quick warm-up routine before a round?”, Gary talks about the importance of a proper warm-up. He also mentions that the Professionals and Tour Players usually give themselves at least an hour to properly prepare their body for a round.

Although there is no substitute for a full warm-up, Gary has a suggestion if you are short on time. Take two clubs and swing 10 times right handed and 10 times left handed. Swinging the clubs from your non dominant side helps activate muscles that aren’t used to being activated. It really helps your body work together to help you swing as efficiently as possible. What I like to do is swing my orange whip trainer, a weighted flexible training aid that not only loosens me up but helps with my tempo. Like many of you, I also don’t give myself enough time to warm-up before a round. I amusually running out of the Pro Shop only ten or fifteenminutes before I tee it up. No matter howmuch time I have, I will warm-up by swinging my orange whip trainer and then spend most of my time hitting a sand wedge to make sure my rhythm and tempo are smooth. If I start my warm-up by swinging a longer club, usually my tempo can get quick and it sets the tone for my round. After hittingmostly wedges, I will hit a few eight irons and end with a few drivers. Always making sure my tempo is smooth. We all feel different on certain days and some days in our warm-up our ball flight works from left to right and sometimes right to left. My warm-up session tells me what kind of ball flight I should play for that day. If my ball flight is working from left to right, I will account for it on the course that day. I will try to stick with the shot shape that felt comfortable to me in my warm-up. These warm-up sessions are very important, even if it’s a quick one. My advice if you are short on time is to get loose, focus on your rhythm and tempo then play the shot shape that you are producing that day. Hopefully that will help you get the best out of your round even if you are short on time with your warm- up.

2019 Men’s Club Championship Curt Smith (Runner-Up) & Steve Alman(Club Champion)

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Titans of Turf

I n Greek mythology, the mighty Titans are the children of Uranus who represented the Heavens and Gaia who represented the earth. They were a powerful race that ruled the world in the time of the Golden Age. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge. Our Golf Course Maintenance team, being responsible for ALL the lush greenery you see on property from our golf course to our clubhouse grounds to the landscaping throughout our property, possess that same strength and knowledge of our turf. Claudia stands tall in this land of the Titans, akin to Themis, the Ancient Greek Titaness who was described as the “Lady of Good Counsel” but literally translating to “that which is put in place”. She is the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law and custom. Using the symbol of the scales of justice to remain balanced and pragmatic, like Themis, Claudia is the consummate organizer of human affairs, expertly coordinating the three main crews responsible for the golf course, clubhouse and community property. Jose, Cory andAnthony round out the brothers, together exemplifying traits of all – Titans who rely on their abilities of wisdom and foresight tomanage the heavens and the earth in the areas of time, sustainability, erosion, light and water. These Titans of Turf mobilize their crews each and every day to insure the playability of your golf course, the beauty of your surroundings as you take your pups for a walk each morning and that the landscaping around the clubhouse offers the understated elegance that has become Boca Grove’s moniker. But what else do we know about them? All have a passion for working outdoors and are averse to cold weather. I thought that was a pretty good thing as I was writing this special feature on a 91-degree day at home on my balcony. Claudia, in particular, loves thunderstorms, enjoying her fair share as a child in the late summer/early fall months as the wind whipped across Lake Michigan in her native Chicago. Maybe it is because on those blustery days, sitting home with some knitting needles and a skein of yarn was the perfect indoor activity as knitting is her favorite hobby. As hobbies go, Anthony is more interested in calmer weather as fly fishing is his favorite. Cory will be the first in line to help cook and eat those delicious freshwater fish. No need to offer him any shellfish though as that is a dish Cory avoids. Jose avoids lasagna, which is counterintuitive to Anthony’s Argentinian and Sicilian roots. All the boys are very interested in what people have to say, preferring to listen over conversation and potential confrontation. That empathetic attitude certainly would’ve served Anthony well had he followed his original desire to be a veterinarian. Although, with Claudia’s phobia of rats and mice, it is probably good he is no longer of the mind to bring home stray critters. Thank you our Titans of Turf for managing our heavens and earth, creating an oasis of uncompromised beauty here at Boca Grove.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Take the Challenge! David Schlueter, Fitness Director I t’s summertime in South Florida and that means high temperatures and sweltering humidity. In more extreme temperatures we, as a community, must be cognizant to take extra care to stay healthy. Here are some wellness tips to keep in mind during the oppressive summer temperatures. Hydration is crucial to remaining healthy and avoiding

PILATES Monday 7:00 am Maria Tuesday 9:15 am Laurie Thursday 9:15 am Laurie YOGA Monday 8:00 am Evelyn Tuesday 4:30 pm Ali Wednesday 8:00 am Evelyn Thursday 11:00 am Ali Friday 8:00 am Evelyn Off the Mat Yoga Saturday 11:00 am Michele Yin Yoga Thursday 4:30 pm Jeannette ZUMBA Sunday 10:00 am Miryam AEROBIC & SCULPT CLASSES Cardio Sculpt Monday 9:30 am Philis Thursday 8:00 am Laurie MAT & BARRE WORKOUT Tuesday 8:00 am Laurie FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Friday 9:30 am Georgie STRETCH Monday 5:00 pm Harriet Wednesday 5:00 pm Harriet MELT METHOD & TOTAL BODY STRETCH Friday 4:00 pm Kathleen AQUA-CISE Monday 9:00 am Sharon Tuesday 9:00 am Sharon Wednesday 9:00 am Marylou Thursday 9:00 am Sharon Friday 9:00 am Noah Saturday 9:00 am Marylou Sunday 9:00 am Babette KICKBOXING

heat related illness during the summer, especially during extended periods outside and exercising. The AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE provides very specific guidelines on hydration • Drink 17 to 20 ounces (2-2.5 cups) 2-3 hours before you start exercising. • Drink 8 ounces (1 cup) 20-30 minutes before you start exercising or during your warm-up. • Drink 7 to 10 ounces (1-1.25 cups) every 10-20 minutes during exercise • Don’t wait to drink water until you are thirsty, stay ahead of things • Our urine is a good indicator of hydration, the clearer the urine the better our hydration level, so as strange as it my sound, check the toilet bowl Sunscreen application plays a major role in South Florida year-round, but especially in the summer when the beaches and pools provide havens to beat the heat. Some key points to remember when applying sunscreen are: • Apply 15 minutes prior to going outdoors, this allows the skin to absorb the sunscreen lotion • Use a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher that protects from both UVA and UVB rays • Be sure to reapply every two hours or after being in the water or sweating • Avoiding sunburn will help ward off both short term and long-term illness and help your summer flowmuch more smoothly. Everyone knows how important a good night sleep is to our overall health, and how important it is to stick to a regular sleeping pattern. This can be more difficult during the summer, because there is an urge to stay up later with the longer summer days. This can be a slippery slope, because lack of sleep can deregulate our immune system, blood sugar levels, increase body inflammation, and increase stress levels. Your body will thank you if you can keep a routine sleeping pattern in the summer. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to having an awesome and healthy summer wherever your destinations may be. I want everybody fit and ready for our back to school family obstacle course in September!

Total Body Wednesday

9:30 am Brian

HIIT Saturday

9:00 am Brian

Please note that some classes may be on hiatus during the summer.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Torn Meniscus? Hold off on surgery! Research shows physical therapy comparable to surgery without the risks

M any people with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and a meniscal tear may be able to avoid surgery and achieve comparable relief from physical therapy, according to a recent, multisite study funded by the NIH’s National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. OA of the knee can cause debilitating pain and significantly limit function, especially in middle aged and older adults. A meniscal tear—a condition in which the c-shaped disc that cushions and supports the knee is damaged—occurs frequently among people with knee OA. Meniscal tears further limit mobility and can be very painful. Patients typically have two options for treatment— arthroscopic partial meniscectomy that involves surgically removing the torn part of the meniscus and stabilizing it, or physical therapy.

In the Meniscal Tear in Osteoarthritis Research trial, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and at six other clinical centers around the nation, compared surgery with physical therapy to determine if one treatment course led to better outcomes over the other. They recruited 351 men and women ages 45 and older who had mild to moderate knee OA and meniscal tear. Half of the patients were randomly assigned to receive arthroscopic partial meniscectomy with post-operative physical therapy, and half were assigned to receive physical therapy alone. Patients assigned to physical therapy had the option of undergoing surgery later in the trial if they wished. The researchers assessed each patient’s progress over one year, tracking improvements in functional status and pain levels at six months and at 12 months. After six months, both groups experienced similar and substantial improvement in function and pain levels. The people who remained in the physical therapy group through the end of the 12-month period continued to show improvements that were equivalent to those who had surgery. Meniscus pain can be from an acute injury or can be from the inflammatory chemical soup that occurs during the breaking down of underlying cartilage and bone. Most people over 50 have menisci that have begun to fray and erode; therefore MRI findings are difficult to use as conclusive evidence of meniscus tears and pain. Anecdotally, based on over 18 years of clinical orthopedic physical therapy experience, the typical symptoms of meniscal tears that often lead to surgical intervention are either frequent locking of the affected knee or buckling of the knee especially down stairs. Pain should never be a guide for surgical decisions. Physical therapy for meniscal tears involves strengthening and stabilizing the knee while doing so in a manner that allows the proper amount of weight bearing through the joint. Pounding activities like jogging, activities with quick cutting motions like tennis, and sitting too long can all make the condition worse. Therapy usually takes 6 weeks to overcome the symptoms of a torn meniscus. If you or someone you know have knee pain, come for a consult with Dr. Ben to see if Physical Therapy can get rid of your knee pain and get you back in the game.

Dr. Ben Galin, DPT, OCS Doctor of Physical Therapy Board Specialty Certification in Orthopedics 561-685-4444

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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