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Love at First Sight | January - March 2020

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.



There’s a reason Gary Player chose Boca Grove to be his first American home and it’s not just because he made history here.

Legends don’t make tee times and neither will you

Located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida | Limited Number of Non-Resident Memberships Available Contact Jennifer M. Jolly at (561) 717-6733 | |


Seafood Extravaganza January 4 ● February 22 Men’s Stag Night January 9 ● February 6 ● March 12 Ladies Night January 23 (MEAT and Martini Dinner) February 13 ● March 5

Dinner Dances January 11 February 14 (Valentine’s Day)

Wine Dinners February 1 ● March 21

Special Events Super Bowl PARTY February 2

Luxury Market Kid’s Movie Night February 15

Yappy Hour February 21

Comedy Night with Sarge March 1

Iron Chef March 28

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Love at First Sight By Jennifer Jolly W e all wear many hats here at Boca Grove. Having Marketing, Membership and Food &Beverage as my top three, I feel very fortunate as I get to see our membership at it’s very best. For instance, today I had the privilege of giving three tours of our property. Three sets of people interested in relocating toBocaRatonwithBocaGrove on their short list of places to live.

The first couple, currently living in Weston and members at Grand Oaks, will soon be empty nesters when their final child graduates high school in June, heading for college in the fall. The next couple are in their 70s looking to move out of the hustle and bustle that is now Aventura but still want condo living on a golf course similar to their current membership at Turnberry Isle. My third tour is a family, with a sweet young boy who is “on an adventure” today exploring Boca Grove and all that we have to offer … and we have a lot to offer, an extraordinary amount of people, places and activities that encourage falling in love at first sight. Our people are our best assets, hands down! And not just the team that serve you every day with joy in their hearts and an eagerness to please. I have found, on my many tours, that running into each of you shows the beauty that is Boca Grove. Today provides an excellent example of what I often find … from Mrs. Nickerson’s welcoming smile and conversation in the porte cochere on her way to cards to Mr. Zevy highlighting his experiences while getting fit at the Fitness Center to Mrs. Trachtenberg enjoying a bagel poolside while educating all of us on our lush landscaping to watching the glint in our prospective member’s eye while Mr. Gillman hit a home run when he was able to discuss our slope, green complexity and number of tee options that allow any skill level to enjoy the game. I assure you, every group left here feeling the love. Love is not necessarily something we openly discuss at a country club but the reality is that’s what it is all about. Those of us in the service industry chose it because we feel special when we make you feel special … we give love by showing love. Most people who join clubs join for the camaraderie with like minded people who share similar interests … whether it’s the love of a game, a social activity or simply sharing a meal with friends and family. So I encourage each of you to take a walk around the property over the next few weeks while the weather is still a little brisk and remind yourselves why you fell in love with Boca Grove in the first place. What is the first thing you remember on the day you built your new home, bought your home or joined the club as an extension of your home? Home is where the heart is and our hearts are all firmly planted here at Boca Grove. Please share your stories so I may add them to my repertoire when touring potential members. Lately I’ve been sharing one of a non-resident golf member (you know who you are!) that not only bought at Boca Grove but then went on to get engaged and married here plus just threw a bash and half celebrating a milestone birthday and his adoration of his wife. Now THAT’S LOVE! Special thanks to our cover couple, Katie and David Perilstein for allowing us to share in their special occasion by hosting their wedding at Boca Grove. I hear it truly was love at first sight.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Love your Home by Heather Dupree A s we enter into a new year, we have a tendency to set new goals for ourselves, but why not our home as well? As we usher into 2020 let’s make our homes a priority. You want new and updated landscaping? Do it! House needs new paint? Do it!

Need to put on a new roof ? Do it! Need to renovate your kitchen or a bathroom? Do it! You get the theme. 2020 is the year to “do it”, just make sure all exterior projects go through the Architectural Control Committee or ACC process to get approved. What is the ACC Process? If your home is one of the 247 homes not in a Sub-Association the ACC is your one and only stop. If you live in an association, major changes must go through the HOA’s approval before coming to the ACC. An application to make the improvements can be picked up with me or emailed to you by, you guessed it, me. Application you say......what do I need it for? The application covers exterior paint, a new fence, the addition of a generator, new landscaping, adding hurricane shutters or windows, a new roof or any other exterior changes. The other changes include renovations, additions and pergolas which require additional infor- mation that must be submitted and approved by the ACC’s architect. Once the application has been reviewed by the necessary professionals and the Committee, you will receive an approval letter or a request for more information. This all sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. I promise! Landscaping updates are on the list! What does the ACC need? If you are doing a complete renovation the plans need to be done by a licensed Landscape Architect and must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to installation. If these plans include removing existing trees, you need to make sure that you have ACC approval to remove them. Partial renovations need approval as well. As we look at land- scape renovations, the ACC guidelines have recommendations, as well as requirements, when it comes to the trees, the shrubs and hedges all the way to the grass you walk on, so make sure you check the list and share it with the Landscape Architect before they start your drawings. Also make note that no matter what, you need three trees in your front yard, one on each side and three in the back, no exceptions. Fences fall in landscaping and have their own requirements as well. Curb appeal is a high priority for the ACC in 2020. (We haven’t forgotten about the swales yet).

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House needs painting and I need a new roof! What do I have to do? Just like all of our other approvals, these items are not much different. We need to know your plans. When it comes to painting your house, we need paint swatches with the name of the color and brand and where it is going, the walls, the trim, the garage and front door. When it comes to your roof, turn in the color choice, what kind of tile you are using and the credentials of the roof company (insurance, etc.). See....not that complicated at all! The kitchen and bath need an update. Do I need to speak with the ACC? Interior updates and changes do not need approval, but if you are putting a dumpster in your driveway, then we need to know. We have rules that apply to construction sites, which includes dumpsters, so keep me in the loop. 2020 is the year your house will thank you and the ACC is here to help you fall in love with your home all over again!

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Mamacitas of Money

16 + 12 + 5 = the number of years this triple threat has been adding up the numbers for the members of Boca Grove! Soraida Gonzalez has been with us the longest. In addition to Accounts Receivable, she also manages Payroll, which means the entire team wants to make sure she stays healthy, above all else, at all times. For that she could take a cue from our Controller, Kelly Mammen. Kelly loves to get her heart pumping with a good dance groove. Actually, she is a well-rounded athlete enjoying yoga, volleyball and the gym. Gaby Joy doesn’t need the gym! As a busy Mom, she actively volunteers for nearly all her two daughter’s interests including the PTA. And if that is not enough, this California native keeps her mind agile by constantly switching gears from one generation to another. Gaby is the proud mama of 21 year old Jocelyn in college and 7 year old Danica in second grade. Soraida also manages two generations, with two grown children aged 24 and 28 plus a beautiful two year old grandbaby girl, whom she picks up each evening after work. In addition to using her creativity to keep her baby dumpling giggling and joyful, Soraida has been taking classes to get her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Maybe one day she will be able to duplicate the design of those rare bills and coins that Kelly collects … hmm, maybe that’s not the best use of her new skill set. All three ladies share the love of family in all its forms. The one they were born in to, the friends who became family and the family they have developed here Boca Grove.

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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History - Love By Jennifer Jolly

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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For the Love of the Game By Jennifer Jolly

I n the April 6, 1985 edition of the SunSentinel a headline read, “Boca Grove Housing Styles Appealing to the Affluent.” In the article it boasts how LaBonte Diversified Development were masterful in their placement of both our single-family homes and multi-family residences “among (300 acres of) orange groves with scenic views of lakes and green fairways.” At that time the only clubhouse we had was the tennis clubhouse. The same 11 Har Tru tennis courts we have today were with us then. However, Richard Centerbar, our RC, would tell you we had a 12th, added in 1999. This is the court that, today, we recently convert- ed to a multipurpose court, housing both hard court tennis play and pickleball, increasing our pickle ball courts from two to four. The article also references what they called our “main exhibition court”, which we know of as our imported Italian Red Clay Stadium court. The Grand Masters Tennis Tournament was held here in the spring of 1984 and 1985, as well as a World Team Tennis event in 1986. RC was with us for all of these tournaments but what he remembers most, when he fell in love at first sight with Boca Grove, was as a teenager. RC played “Number 1” for Boca High. But even before that time, his parents would drive down

the turnpike, cross Glades when it was only a two-lane road, to buy oranges grown right here on property. Most of you know our original name was Boca Grove Plantation and that was because that’s where our land came from, as well as many happy memories. RC has a few. Firstly, he likes to reminisce when the courts were surrounded by Honeybells, a tangelo-grapefruit hybrid. “We would get all sweated up after a tennis match, grab my orange picker and snap a few giant Honeybells off the trees.” I can just imagine Richard, sitting back, enjoying the fresh juice with one of the many greats that played these courts. Ken Rosewell was an RC favorite. Ken travelled with the Pro Tournament and started practicing with RC because he was a lefty. Ken felt the time working with RC was instrumental in developing his skill set against his top competitor in those days, Rod Laver. RC likens our relationship with Gary Player to that of Gardnar Mulloy. He was a very famous Tennis Professional in his day and served as “Professional Emeritus” at Boca Grove when Richard first started. RC states that he was always amazed as he watched Gardnar, in his 70s, doing wind sprints on the sta- dium court. Like Player, Mulloy was very health conscious and continues to be a top tournament winner. He lived to be 103, combination of Boca Grove Honeybell juice and Stadium wind sprints, don’t you think? Bobby Riggs, who held the “World Number 1” player for three years, was a Boca Grove resident. Barbara Bosworth continues to live on proper- ty. Her son Jay coaches Kevin Anderson and can be seen on our stadium courts often before the Opens in Europe. Her husband Warren, affec- tionately known as “the Wizard of Boz,” started the family’s love of tennis. Warren customed designed rackets for some of the best-known players in the game such as Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl and Andy Roddick, to name a few. Did you know that Ivan Lendl trained Andy Murray right here at Boca Grove? Well, he did!

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Chef Dominick’s Recipe Plant Based Bolognese Sauce Serves 4

4 Cups 16-20 oz

Marinara Sauce Plant Based Meat

4 oz 4 oz

Each Diced Celery, Onion and Carrot

Olive Oil Method: Sauté vegetables in oil until soft, add plant based meat. Sauté for 5 minutes. Add marinara sauce

Marinara Sauce 1 Cup

Onion, Minced

4 Tbsp

Olive Oil Basil Dried

2 oz

4 Cans 2 Each

32 ozWhole PlumTomato inPuree, crushedby hand

Bay Leaf

As needed

Salt and Pepper

2 Tbsp 2 oz 1 cup

Garlic Minced

Olive Oil

Fresh Basil, Chopped Method: Sauté onions in olive oil until soft, add dried basil. Add tomato, bay leaf, salt andpepper. Allowto simmer for 30-45minutes, remove from heat. In a skillet heat olive oil and sauté garlic, add to sauce. Add basil and adjust seasoning. Serve over your favorite Pasta

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Food for Thought By Carla Hull

plate Chef's

W e have all heard that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I am pretty sure that goes for many ladies out there too. There is no denying that love and romance are intimately intertwined with the heat of the kitchen. You cannot deny the romanticism of Disney’s “Lady & the Tramp.” Now I’m not saying you guys should roll your meatball with your nose over to your honey at our next Italian buffet,


Try choosing a knife that will give you the best control, you will avoid injuries caused by slipping or unnec- essary added pressure. Always keep knives sharp and clean Paring Knife A short knife, blade is 2-4 inches, good for small tasks like peeling or slicing small items like fruit Chef Knife Most common knife, blade is 8-12 inches. Good for most tasks, chop- ping, dicing and slicing Serrated Knife Most known as a bread knife, best for slicing bread and pastries. Items with crust or tomatoes with soft center are best cut with a serrated knife Boning Knife Blade can be 6-8 long, flexible or firm. Best for butchering of meat or filleting fish Slicer Blade can be 10-12 inches long. Used for slicing meat or poultry. Should not be confused with a serrated knife

but you have to admit, it’s a sweet scene! And I’m not saying a $5 milkshake will make you dance like Uma Thurman and John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction” but I bet Chef ’s delectable delights will add a pep to your step at our upcoming dinner dances. For those of you rolling your eyes at the thought of love and food, even sci- ence says that our brain reacts to the satisfaction from a good meal. They say it comes from the act of sharing the kill. How this was an act of love because if you weren’t included in the feast you would die, right? Science further supports that the dopamine system becomes active in people exactly the same whether they are looking at their favorite food or at someone they love. So, in our brains at least, food really is connected to love and a sense of well-being. There are so many foods that benefit our bodies in so many different ways. Are you looking for more energy? Then try eating bananas, fish, hummus or even dark chocolate. Chocolate has long been thought to be an aphrodisiac, remember the movie “Like Water for Chocolate?” Now those were some powerful emotions! Maybe you are looking to boost your immune system? Try turmeric, garlic, spinach. Use ginger and ginseng to increase circulation. What about heart health? Try blueberries, green tea, edamame, or my favorite, WINE!! You might try to find on a good bottle of wine with the hopes that it will make you more relaxed. Almonds also improve heart health with the added bonus that the mere scent of almonds is supposed to increase a woman's sex drive – just something I read Food makes you smiley, happy, joyful even jolly. Food enhances creativity. Food promotes camaraderie and friendship. The best way to make a new friend, mend a fence or fall in love is by breaking bread. Make your dining reservations today! 2020 is the year of fabulous food, friendships and fun … maybe you’ll even fall in love at first sight again the person you see most every day … you!

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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WINE DINNER Passport Pull out those passports and get ready to travel to France in February and Spain in March! Friday, February 1 Frederick Wildman & Sons Pol Roger Champagnes, Billaud Simon Chablis and Faiveley Burgandies Saturday, March 21 Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji Clos Pissarra Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon Carignan and Syrah along with Miura Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Clos

Ladies NIght

Meat, Mingle & Martinis Thursday, January 23

We are switching it up a little in 2020 for the ladies with our first ever Ladies Night Dinner. Yes, that’s right, we are taking something joyful and making it FABULOUS! Come join us at 6:30pm for a martini and some mingling with your lovely lady friends of Boca Grove. Then sit down for dinner at 7:00pm to a thick, juicy steak – YUM! Family style sides and a decadent dessert will round out the evening’s offering. RSVP required by Monday, January 20 6:30pm Cocktails | 7:00pm Dinner $65 per person

6:30pm Passport Boarding & Vineyard “Tour” 7:00pm Dinner $95 per person

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Fall Extravaganza

Good times in the Grove

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Events to Love Social Director, Marcia Chiarelli has an event for everyone! I remember when I first interviewed at Boca Grove and drove on to the property, it truly was “love at first sight” and I thought to myself … wow…this is paradise! How blessed we all are to share the beauty that is Boca Grove. I wish you and your families a very happy and most importantly, healthy 2020! I know we all have great expectations and hopes for the New Year and resolutions we want to make. Well, this year we are resolved to give you the very best year yet, surpass your expectations and

create lasting memories with superior entertainment and exciting events to last a lifetime. Make sure to check your calendars for all the amazing activities we have and make your reservations early so you won’t miss a second of all the fabulous shows, dinners, dances, trips, parties, movies, games, lectures and tournaments we have planned for you in 2020.

Dinner Dance Saturday, January 11

Wild Animal Show Sunday, February 16

We have seen it from the youngest of our members to the wisest and most experienced, everyone loves music. And what’s not to love? Music feeds the soul, elevates themind and keeps your heart healthy. So dust off those dancing shoes and be prepared to dance, Dance, DANCE … with a little eating of course because nothing says LOVE like a meal prepared by Chef Dominick! 6:00pm Cocktails 7:00pm Dinner and Dancing $75 per person. Showtime with Ashley Carruthers Saturday, January 18 Ashley played the lead role of legendary rocker, Jerry Lee Lewis in the UK and Ireland tour of the Broadway and West End Smash hit musical ”Million Dollar Quartet”. His show is filled with high energy rock and roll piano and comedy. $75 Per Person, includes show and Inter- national Dinner Buffet Oscar Night Happy Hour Tuesday, January 28 Sneak peek of the Academy Awards with a presentation by Palm Beach film expert and critic, Hap Erstein. Get “Behind the Scene” info on all the front runners and a little edge for betting who will win this year’s awards. $25 Per Person includes wine, cheese and presentation

It wouldn’t be President’s Day at Boca Grove without the Wild Animal Show! Join us at the Clay Court at 4 pm for this amazing and very interesting event. Fun for the whole family! Yappy Hour Friday, February 21 Always a fun afternoon, please bring your furry friends and enjoy an afternoon with dog expert, Steve Ginsberg as well as doctors from the Boca Veterinary Clinic and our friends from the Humane Society. $15 Per Person Humorist, Ira Epstein: The Comedy of Aging Thursday, February 27 There may be nothing that you can do about growing old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh about it. “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old. You grow old when you stop laughing.” $35 Per Person includes

presentation, coffee & dessert Comedy Night with SARGE Sunday, March 1

Say no more…with Sarge in the house you know you’re in for a night of hilarity. Sarge is the one of funniest and most sought after comedians in Florida. Do yourself a favor…don’t miss him. $75 Per Person includes Buffet Dinner and Show

BOOK REVIEW with Pat Cohen 4:00 pm January 9 - This Is How It Always Is February 6 - The Guest Book March 19 - The Dutch House

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Valentine's Day Dinner Dance Friday, February 14 Evan Grushka, a Detroit born – Atlanta trained musician, will headline our entertainment for this deliciously romantic evening. Evan comes from a musical family, his mother classically trained by the great Robert Shaw. You will enjoy his range from Sinatra, The Beatles, Elton John, Aerosmith, Adel and Bruno Mars. Please visit our website for a preview of this young man’s talent!

RSVP required by Tuesday, February 11 6:00pm Cocktails | 7:00pm Dinner and Dancing $95 per person

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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If love at first sight is “an instantaneous attraction to someone or something” than who better to remind us of the virtues and the feelings of this phenomena than our children? We have over 140 children here at Boca Grove under the age of 18. That means we have 140+ opportunities every time we offer an event or an experience to create a happy memory, to provide a chance for the next generation to fall in love with Boca Grove. Think about it. Have you ever watched your child or grandchild, niece or nephew, as they interact with the world around them? Everything is new. It’s fascinating to watch because when we walk by the pool for instance, our brain’s remember previous pictures from that same pool so unless something is completely out of place, it is likely we will walk on by pretty unphased. When a child walks by that same pool they see what we see, but they also notice all the everyday nuances that our brain has registered as “normal” and therefore categorized as “uneventful.” They see the ripple from the pool jets that recycle the filtered water. They see the gecko crawling along the edge even though he has morphed his color scheme to match the pool deck. They want to know how he does that. They wonder how the floaties we wrap around their arms could possibly hold them up, they’re just mommy and daddy’s air after all. Children are so curious. Everything they notice leads to a question, or ten! They want to understand what they are seeing, what they are experiencing, why it is the way it is. They do not take “no” for an answer. Therefore, every experience is a learning opportunity. Every person they meet is a possible friend. How beautiful is that? They want to smile and make friends and learn people’s names. Sounds a lot like the club business! This year at Boca Grove we will continue to access our inner child and build that wonderment of the first time. We begin January with our Kidz Kamp through January 3. On Sunday, January 12 we will have our Kid’s Pizza and Cannoli Night in conjunction with our Italian Buffet. We will offer a special children’s Super Bowl in the Ladies Card Room as we did last year on February 2. While the parents and grandparents shop at the Luxury Market on Saturday, February 15, we will hold a Kid’s Movie Night followed the next day by our Wild Animal show on Sunday, February 16. On Sunday, March 8 we will welcome back Al Salopek from Sierra’s Bees to educate our membership – young and old – about our honeybee program. Remember, the fourth Sunday of every month is our Family Barbeque with Kosher option. Our Family Fun Night always precedes this event at 4:30pm. Please stay tuned to the Monday eBlast, website and text messages for upcoming programming. And please do not forget, every week we offer tennis and golf clinics for our next generation. Brett and Justin respectively are waiting to welcome all children of all ages. Please contact the respective Pro Shop to sign up.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Clinics Junior Clinics 10:00 am - 11:00 am Saturdays January 4,11,18 & 25 February 1, 8, 15 & 22 March 7 & 21 Complimentary Beginner Clinics 9:00 am - 10:00 am Sunday, January 19 Sunday, February 16 Sunday, March 15 Sip N Tips 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Wednesday, January 8 “Tee Shots & Tito’s” Wednesday, February 12 “Short Game & Sangrias” Wednesday, March 11 “Cocktails and (on) Course”

A Round of Events Shawn Costello, Director of Golf W ith the passing of yet another year, I hope you had the opportunity to spend the Holidays with family and friends, reminiscing of joyful times. On behalf of the entire Golf Department, we wish you a very healthy and prosperous 2020. This past Fall season we had some record turnouts and saw terrific event participation. We thank all of you who

have attended our clinics as well as our Sips n’ Tips series which began in November with Pina Coladas & Putting. These social and engaging activities have helped create a great sense of camaraderie while introducing and forming new friendships amongst those who joined in. Our upcoming schedule includes Tee Shots & Tito’s in January, Short Game & Sangrias in February, and Course & Cocktails in March. As we look forward in our tournament schedule, we have some wonderful events around the corner including the Men’s One Day Member Guest, the Men’s Ryder Cup, the Super-Bowl Mixer on Super-Bowl Sunday, the Plantation Partners, the WGA Valentine Scramble, and the Women’s Member Guest on February 27. Additionally, this year’s Men’s Invitational which is scheduled for March 12 – 14 still has spots open, and after last year’s success of the event, this is one you will not want to miss! Our Multi-Vendor Demo Day is scheduled for Friday, February 21 and will feature different vendors showcasing their latest and greatest offerings. If you are interested in new equipment that can help improve your game, or if you want to spend some time on the range learning from your favorite Professional Staff as it relates to the equipment offerings, please do come by and spend some time with us. With the arrival of 2020, comes the World Handicap System, which officially began on January 6, 2020. Thank you to all who attended the World Handicap and Rules of Golf seminar we conducted in December. We were glad to see somany faces at this and trust the new handicap systemwill be a fairly seamless one for all of you. I would like to take a moment to share a truly incredible experience with you. Over the last few years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve in varying Committee and Chair roles within the South Florida PGA, and am currently serving as the Awards Chairman for the Southeast Chapter of the South Florida PGA. With this, I have been able to get involved and give back to somany great causes and efforts, but none more so thanhelping the children at the PalmBeachChildren’s hospital over the last twoHoliday Seasons. A small group of Professionals made up of myself, our Chapter President, VP,

Ladies Clinic 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Thursday, January 9 Thursday, February 6 Thursday, March 5 Member Guest Events Couples Member Guest January 12 Men’s One Day Member Guest January 15 Women’s Member Guest February 27 Men’s Invitational March 12-14

Secretary and Junior Golf Leader have spearheaded a fund-raiser and toy drive throughout Martin and Palm Beach County to benefit the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital and their patients. These efforts to put a smile on a less fortunate child’s face during the Holidays is an incredible and touching experience; and one that reminds me toalways giveback, bekind, generous, and grateful for what one has. With that, I would like to thank all of you for the tremendous support you have shown me and our Staff as we continue to push the operation forward to create an environment built on hospitality with positive, engaging experiences that make you proud to call Boca Grove home.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Player’s Corner Dan Pendola, Head Golf Professional I n this edition of Player’s Corner, I would like to discuss the benefits and importance of instruction and club fitting with our new Flightscope 3D radar tracking system. Our new Flightscope 3D radar tracking system records many different variables involved in how you swing the club, and how that affects the golf ball. When I teach using the Flightscope, I use many of the parameters the

MGA 2-Man Stableford January 3 & 4 WGA 3-Lady Choker Tuesday, January 7 WGA Charity Scramble Tuesday, January 14 WGA Individual Criss Cross Tuesday, January 21 WGA Flag Day Tuesday, January 28 WGA Color War Tuesday, February 4 MGA Plantation Partners February 7 & 8 WGA Valentine Scramble Tuesday, February 11 WGA 3-Somes Best Ball Tuesday, February 18 League Events

system offers. They use measurements like face to path or FTP, angle of decent, spin axis, spin loft, all scientific mumbo jumbo that we Golf Professionals use to make you a better golfer. The good news is you don’t need to worry about those terms. You only need to worry about the feeling needed to produce the numbers we are looking for. All this is to optimize your performance and get the most out of your swing speed. We can even show quantitative feedback on how certain movements can increase your swing speed. When I do a driver fitting especially, I can usually help players gain substantial distance by looking at one key parameter, Angle of Attack. Angle of attack is defined as the vertical (up-down) angle at which the club head is moving at impact. Most golfers have a descending angle of attack with their driver of three or more degrees downward. In simple terms, the driver head is traveling downward as it contacts the ball. One of the main reasons why some of the longest hitters smash their drivers high and far is because they have a positive angle of attack, or in simple terms again, they hit up on the ball with the driver. For example: A player who swings 75mph but has an attack angle (or hits down on the ball with the driver) of -5 degrees, can potentially be as much as 25 yards shorter than someone who hits up on the ball + 5 degrees. There are a number of reasons why a positive angle of attack produces more distance. I will offer tips getting you to feel how to properly swing more upward with the driver. One way Angle of Attack can help you produce more distance is it’s correlation with another parameter called SpinRate. Playerswhohave a negative angle of attack generally produce a higher back spin rate. With the driver we want a high launch and low back spin to produce the most distance. A higher spin rate generally equates to less carry distance and less roll. Most people try to hit the ball lower to gain more roll but if they were properly fit, they could have the best of both worlds, more carry and the roll they are looking for. We encourage everyone to setup a fitting to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment and your swing. Come by the Golf Shop and ask us about maximizing your distance using our new Flightscope technology.

MGA High Stakes Saturday, February 22 WGA President’s Cup Tuesday, March 3 WGA Nassau Tuesday, March 10 WGA Step Aside Tuesday, March 17 WGA Sadie Hawkins Tuesday, March 24 WGA 3 Club Challenge Tuesday, March 31

WGA Opening Day 2019

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Grove Life | 22

T he season is upon us

and our culinary team is hard at work. I am so proud

of our culinary staff, their passion for their craft, dedication and hard work is second to none. With several new front of the house staff and a few long time employees, things are really begin- ning to click. So many great events have happened this season so far, our team is excited and looking forward to many more planned events for the sea- son. Please remember to let us know if you have any special requests or dietary needs. We are here to make every meal a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you at the table

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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“Cooking is like love: It should be entered into with abandon or not at all” ~ Harriet van Horne

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Take the Challenge! David Schlueter, Fitness Director W e are in the middle of our final season before construction begins on our exciting Sports and Wellness Center. Our goal, as a fitness team is to continue to create positive momentum in these months leading into our temporary facilities, and in doing so, we have some exciting events to kick off the new year. On Saturday, January 4, we invite you to join us for

PILATES Tuesday 9:15 am Laurie Wednesday 10:45 am Babs Thursday 9:15 am Laurie YOGA Monday 8:00 am Evelyn Tuesday 4:30 pm Michelle Wednesday 8:00 am Evelyn Friday 8:00 am Evelyn Off the Mat Yoga Saturday 11:00 am Michele Yin Yoga Thursday 4:30 pm Jeannette ZUMBA Sunday 10:00 am Miryam AEROBIC & SCULPT CLASSES Cardio Sculpt Monday 9:30 am Philis Thursday 8:00 am Laurie MAT & BARRE WORKOUT Tuesday 8:00 am Laurie CIRCUIT TRAINING Friday 9:30 am Georgie STRETCH Monday 5:00 pm Harriet Wednesday 5:00 pm Harriet

Sunset Yoga with Georgie and Jeannette at our sports field. Smoothies and other treats will be provided. The following week, Thursday January 9, we will hold Walk, Wine and Whiskey at 5:00 p.m. This is a nice stroll through Boca Grove’s beautiful grounds, with stations of assorted wines and whiskey. This is also a great way to build community and meet new people. In February, keep your eyes peeled for more wellness lectures and an aqua demo by our own Babette Altman, who will share her knowledge of aquatic training, which has proven rehabilitative properties and improves performance in golf, tennis and all-around health. Moving into March we will have our month-long March Madness competition. Last year we divided everyone into two teams for daily work outs, sunset yoga and group circuit trainings. This year we will look to build off of last year’s success with even more fun, and of course, some surprises. It is my privilege, as well as the rest of the fitness staff, to assist in creating a healthy and strong sense of community. Walk, Wine &Whiskey

January 9 February 20 March 12


4:00 pm Kathleen


9:00 am Sharon 9:00 am Sharon 9:00 am Marylou 9:00 am Sharon 9:00 am Noah 9:00 am Marylou 9:00 am Babette

Are you ready? March Madness is coming..


Wednesday Thursday


Saturday Sunday

The month long challenge will once again test your physical and mental strength. Be on the lookout in early March for details and get ready for the MADNESS

KICKBOXING Total Body Wednesday

9:30 am Brian

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Shoulder Impingement Dr. Benjamin Galin, DPT, OCS


L et me add a preface of standard disclosure here. Obviously, everyone has unique medical conditions and concurrent co-morbidities that make any general rule of thumb comments needed to be taken with some grain of salt. Please know that you should consult with your medical team about how to treat your specific conditions, and that this medical information contained here within is merely general advice and a starting point for learning and an educated discussion with your physicians and therapists to help determine what is best for you in treating shoulder dysfunction and pain. Though not readily seen on MRI or X-Ray, shoulder impingement is one of the most common non-traumatic sources of shoulder pain in adult populations. Even in this picture, the biceps tendons, and most of the rotator cuff is not shown, and you can see just how crowded the space is under the Acromium process (Label A). Shoulder impingement is not something that is the same for everyone, but it is something

that happens while lifting the arm away from the body. It can be both a root cause of tendonitis, bursitis, and tears, and can also be the result of the aforementioned conditions. When you lift your arm, the coordination of the shoulder blade muscles and the rotator cuff muscles and the arm muscles is intricate. Even on an athlete, this precise motion leaves little room under the Acromium process for the bursa and rotator cuff tendons to function without getting pinched. Throw in rounded shoulder posture, weak muscles in any of these groups, tight shoulder capsule shoving the

rotation axis up even further under this space (sub-acromial space); and you have a recipe for disaster. Over time the friction of the motion under the sub-acromial space will cause rotator cuff tendons to be stripped and torn, the bursa to become very inflamed, and this will make the pinching even worse and cause a cycle of impingement that snowballs. Impingement can lead to frozen shoulders from fear avoidance patterns, to rotator cuff tears, severe bursitis, and generally make it very painful to use your arm away from your body. The key is having a good examination to find out if there is indeed impingement, what is causing it, and formulating a plan of correction. Fixing usually requires capsular mobilization, scapular stabilizer strengthening and timing, rotator cuff strengthening, and pain and anti-inflammatory modalities as needed. If you think you have shoulder impingement, see your orthopedist or physical therapist to get your shoulder functioning optimally and get out of pain. Get back on the court, on the fairway, or just back to lifting your arm over your head without pain with proper diagnosis and treatment. If you want a consult with “Dr. Ben” stop by and schedule with him at the Fitness Center today. Dr. Ben is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Board Specialty in Orthopedics On-Site Physical Therapy at Boca Grove

January 4 4:00 pm SATURDAYS February 1 March 7

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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We are now offering a Weekend Warriors Clinic on Saturdays from 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm. The ages range from 5-8 and will be taught with orange balls. The High Performance Clinic will remain on Saturdays from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm, ages range from 9-15, with some exceptions based on Pro approval. This clinic will be taught with green dot and/or yellow balls. With the addition of the hard court, our students who play school tennis, will have an edge to train on the same surface that most schools play on.

Parent/Child Championship Saturday, February 8

1:30 pm -2:30 pm Saturday, March 14 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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A Round of Events Richard Centerbar, Director of Tennis C an you believe that 2020 is here! We’re off to a great start this season with our South Palm Beach Ladies Tennis League. These teams are captained by Debbie Lewis (Division 2A) and Diane Resnick (Divi- sion 4). I am so appreciative of all their hard work. Our ladies have a long competitive season with over 15 local clubs from September through early May. What a great opportunity to showcase our club and all it’s amenities as our ladies compete on the courts and enjoy lunch at the clubhouse. Save the date for Ladies Members/Guest Day which is Saturday, March 28 and thank you Cheryl Budd for spear-heading this event.

In January, we will be hosting an evening Mixed Doubles event with Bocaire Country Club. Also put on your competitive shoes on and prepare to play in our Singles, Mixed and Doubles Club Championship happening January through March. We will be using the new USTA approved format of fast 4. This format moves the tennis quicker, which allows us to finish in one day. We have been challenged by Gleneagles Country Club to see who has what it takes to bring home the first annual Pickleball Cup. This event will kick-off at the end of January. Also be on the lookout for our once a month pickleball clinic held on Sundays. Early spring, we will be hosting the ITF 2020 Seniors World Championships, when over 50 countries will compete in this prestigious event. JANUARY MIXED DOUBLES On Thursday, January 9, we are hosting a Mixed Doubles event with Bocaire Country Club followed by drinks and appetizers at the clubhouse. CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS We will be using the new USTA approved fast 4 format. The schedule is as follows: January 25 | Singles Club Championship February 15 | Mixed Doubles Club Championship March 21 | Men’s & Ladies Doubles Club Championship Lets make this happen! PICKLEBALL Pickleball is growing at a rapid pace so don’t get left behind. We are starting off the New Year with a Pickleball demonstration on Tuesday, January 14 at 2:00 pm. This demonstration is an introduction to Pickleball and is complimentary to all. It’s nice to know we have a certified Pickleball instructor in Brett. He will be hosting a clinic every month on Sundays from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. The schedule is as follows: January 26 | February 23 | March 29 We will be playing in our first annual Pickleball event, the Boca Grove/Gleneagles Challenge Cup at Gleneagles Country Club on Saturday, January 25 at 8:30 am. This event will be followed by lunch. Please sign up in the Proshop for all Pickleball events. LADIES TENNIS Our long-awaited Ladies Member/Guest day is back and is scheduled for Saturday, March 28 at 9:00 am. This event will be followed by lunch at the clubhouse.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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We get what we give. And Boca Grove has given a lot of love. Please see below a sampling of your impact on our community in the past three months. There is a list of events actually hosted and participated in by our membership and team as well as all the golf foursomes and/or honey gift packs provided to raise funds in various auctions around town. Please help us keep our spirit of giving and the sharing of our time, talents and treasures growing. Submit your favorite non-profits and causes to us for inclusion on our website, social media and newsletters. Remember, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

EVENTS HELD/SPONSORED AT THE CLUB: Best Foot Forward Habitat for Humanity Kevin Anderson Courtside Cause Navy SEALs Fund Freedom Frog 5K Pie It Forward – Meals on Wheels Place of Hope Salvation Army Angel Tree Sharsheret Toys for Tots FOURSOMES TO CHARITY FOR AUCTION: 17th Annual Glenn W. Frazer Memorial Golf Tournament 4KIDS of South Florida Best Foot Forward Boca Bacchanal Boynton Beach Firefighter Benevolent Cleveland Clinic Friends of Tranquility Camp Golden Rescue South Florida Grandma’s Place Humane Society of Broward Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Martinis for Melanoma Navy SEALs Fund Oxbridge Academy Pine Jog Environmental Education Center Place of Hope St. Andrews Pro Am Connected Warriors Encinitas Firefighters Florence Fuller

St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church benefitting the St. Nicholas Gala St. John’s Catholic Church Sunshine Rotary Sweet Dream Makers Wounded Warriors Wycliffe Prostate Cancer Tournament

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Third Annual


Saturday, March 28 | 6:00 pm


Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Welcome New Members

Ruth & Robert Kraft Courtney & Scott Levin Oceton McCall Debra & Clifford Migdal Idy & Neil Neuman

Terry & Sheldon Adelman Phyllis Barell & Jerry Zeiff Giles Bedard Amy & Salomon Cohen Mathy & Laurent Cohen

Michelle & Brandon Rippo Yonina & David Rosenberg Neil Ross Michele & Scott Simpson Ellen & William Stark Kristen & Eric Van Voorhis Rachel & Edward Zimmerman

Lisa & Paul Gardner Elyce & Scott Gordon Barbara & Mickey Green Debi & Abe Grohman Barbara & Jon Hatz Tiwana Holmes & Matthew Dorvil Michael Katz

SPRING FLING April 19 with Entertainment by Save the Date Sunday


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