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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood | October - December 2019

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Your General Manager, Michael Gibson It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I have discovered in my second year at Boca Grove, that we are not a seasonal club. I’d like to welcome back those who travel or spend the summer months away and also thank those of you who spent the time here at home. Although the first quarter of the year was quite slow in real estate sales, the rebound in the last few months has been incredible and honestly, the time is now! We are seeing more investors looking at Boca Grove than ever before and they are committing to our future by purchasing long time vacant properties. These properties are great for the

club because they create an opportunity for new members and residents. This is part of the renaissance of our community and it’s very exciting. The vision shared by our Board of Directors was approved by the membership and takes us into a future that we believe is exactly what prospective buyers are looking for in a new community and home. The final plans for the Sports & Wellness Center will be submitted for permit to the County in late October. The new resort style pool will feature three lap lanes, large area for daily water aerobics, easy beach-like entry, eight cabanas, indoor and outdoor food court, state-of-the-art children’s play area and splash pad adjacent to new indoor children’s activity center. Also, included in the permitting is a multi-purpose activity field, basketball court and new pickleball court. Inside the building, we will offer spinning, pilates, yoga, group exercise classes and a new fitness floor overlooking the pool area. As part of our on-site physical therapy, Dr. Ben will be based in a new dedicated office on the second floor. Enhancements throughout the community and club are beginning to make a dif- ference. New home buyers are noticing Boca Grove and we are prepared to show them the best of everything. The amount of homes for sale once seemed to be a negative but only seems to be an opportunity now. An opportunity for friends to become neighbors and neighbors to become friends. There has never been a better time to be a member of Boca Grove because it truly is a beautiful day in YOUR neighborhood. You will see in the following pages that our team is fully engaged and ready for a fantastic season ahead. We are so excited about our future and look forward to making more great memories with you this season.

Happy Days!

Michael J. Gibson General Manager/COO

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Jingle &


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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? By Jennifer Jolly T he place we live is a fundamental contributor to our overall subjective well-being. Most psychologists and behavioral economists have said that the two things that make you happy in life are work that you can identify with and that you find challenging plus developing and having great social relationships.

I would argue that the community we live in is that incredibly important third part, creating a triangle of human happiness. People put a lot of systematic thought into choosing a profession and selecting a spouse or a life partner and your choice of neighborhood is equally important. It is the place you live. It reflects who you are as a person, a couple, a family, a community. All great neighborhoods have certain traits in common, one is pride in ownership. This is evident when residents, whether renters or owners, maintain their homes and the surrounding area. We chose to put Los Rayos on our cover because the care and commitment they have displayed to add to the curb appeal of their neighborhood reflects that sense of pride. Homeowners on Campo Florido agreed to put substantial funds into creating an entryway to their neighborhood that stands out in an elegant and natural way. This project not only brought residents together, it added beautification along Whitaker Drive for the betterment of the Club, that sense of arrival which is so important to guests as well as current and future members alike. The social aspect of club life is one of the main reasons people join in the first place. Whether you are an avid golfer, love tennis, have committed yourself to a healthier lifestyle or revel in fabulous food and exciting events, Boca Grove has something to offer all our residents. As you peruse the magazine this quarter you will see events such as Ladies’ Happy Hour and Men’s Stag Night, which were just introduced this year, have really taken hold. Our family program for this season has been teed up to be the most successful we’ve had to date. New experiences in Food & Beverage such as Fitness’ “Walk & Wine,” and Sunset Yoga as well as our new Passport Series of Wine and Pop Up Dinners are intended to add a little sparkle and zip to our dining offerings. For those of you who like to eat in but don’t feel like cooking, we will now be offering Take Out Tuesday. Although the dining rooms will not be open, Chippers Sports Bar will offer libations while you wait for your take out dinner. We all participate in the making and sustaining of our community. Our commitment today will point us toward a better tomorrow, this is fluid, changeable. Our history, however, is what shaped us. It is an integral part of where we came from and what we have to build on. It is important. All the best clubs, the iconic clubs, are rich in tradition, they cherish and protect their history. We will be exploring our past and bringing back some traditions that may be new to some of you but valued and missed by others. Those of you in our community who have memories to share, please reach out to me at your leisure so we may start documenting and preserving these incredible stories where homeowners became neighbors and neighbors became friends, sometimes even family. So, in essence, a neighborhood is not just a set of individuals, but a set of relationships. And just like our future, relationships are fluid. Some are longstanding and some you can plug into and play. Your club, your neighborhood, represents the places and opportunities that enable those relationships to form. Get involved! Come to dinner, play golf, try out tennis, learn a new game in the card rooms, workout, join a committee. Enhance your relationships, make new friends, be a good neighbor

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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If you plant it, they will grow by Heather Dupree “I t’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” is more than just a saying when

is the perfect month to check them for insects, and to make sure the environment they are in is exactly what they need to thrive. Start off the new year with new shrubs. January is a good time to plant woody shrubs like bougainvillea, jasmine, hibiscus and roses, just make sure to give them plenty of water. This month is also a good time to have the landscaper prune non-spring flowering shrubs and trees to help improve their form. Keep an eye on your irrigation if January is dry and warm, however if the month is proving to be cool, make sure to protect your orchids for a freeze and cover other sensitive plants be- fore nightfall from the dropping temperatures. Florida Arbor Day takes place on the third Friday of January, so if you have been looking to add a new tree to your yard, January 17 is the perfect day to do it. As you start to share your love in February, show some love to your lawn by having your landscaper fertilize your grass, as well as your palms and shrubs. If you have rose bushes, now is the time to prune, fertilize and add a fresh mulch to make them bloom in the spring. Now that everything is fertilized, February is a great month to also have your landscaper do a preemer- gence weed killer (different from the October weed treatment) towards the end of the month to help prevent warm weather weeds.

it comes to Boca Grove. Boca Grove is a beautiful community and there are easy steps that our landscapers can take each and every month to keep it that way.

As the weather turns cooler, it makes October the perfect time for weed and feed treatments to take place on your lawn. With the cooler temperatures your grass won’t burn out, instead it will get heartier. October is also the right time to fertilize any of your trees or shrubs that need a little extra boost. This month is a good month to freshen up your landscaping with new annu- als before it gets colder, so they have time to root. After you plant new annuals, this is also the best time to add new mulch to your landscape beds. Once we get into November, ask your landscaper to divide and replant any overgrown perennials so they can establish themselves before it gets colder. Now that the weather is getting cooler, only water the lawn when needed but watch for brown spots from now until May, as it may be a fungus versus dead grass. November is the best month if you like to plant bulb plants, as they like getting their start as the weath- er cools. December is a month to continue to monitor the watering of your lawn and landscaping, especially if the month temperatures are warm and dry. If you have houseplants, now

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March is the month to prune and mulch. Have your landscaper prune as the last flowers fade on your shrubs and flowering trees, but before your new buds start. The new mulch will help keep moisture in your landscape beds as the weather gets warmer and dryer. The mulch will also help minimize weeds. If your landscaper didn’t fertilize in February, make sure they do it in March. As we move into April, we find insects begin to start showing up, some are good, and some are bad. Have your landscaper check your plants to make sure the good ones are around, and the bad ones that do damage are not. April is also the perfect time to make sure you fer- tilize your palms to make them strong and green for the dry months ahead. Looking to replace old shrubs that you didn’t replace in January, this is the month to do so. April is also a good time to replace hedges with either Podocarpus or Clusia as they fill in nicely. After the April showers, we start to see May flowers. All the plants your landscaper updated in November and pruned and fertilized in February are starting to really shine. May is a month to enjoy your yard and all it’s beauty. While looking at your yard, make a note of what trees need to be trimmed and get the list to your landscaper so they can get your trees hurricane ready before the end of the month. June starts getting warm, and you know what plants love June weather? Palms do. If you have palms that need to be replaced, June is the time to do it. Palms love the warm rainy months of summer, just don’t cover the trunk with soil. As the rain starts to pick up in June, your irrigation cycles can start to lessen, however if rain is low and you start to notice drought spots continue watering. Make sure your landscap- er only does light pruning to your flowering bushes to help increase blooms, nothing drastic! The weather is hot and hurricane season is going to start getting busy, so July is the time to get those last-minute tree trims done. Ask your landscaper to clean up any damaged or weak branches, and to clean up any coconuts hanging from your palms. July is not the time to fertilize as the afternoon rains will wash it away. As we move into the heat of August keep an eye on the coloring of your palms and plants. If you notice a yellow color in your palm leaves, they may be lacking in magne- sium or potassium then have your landscaper apply an appropriate palm fertilizer. The high temperatures and over-saturating rains can also cause your plants and flowers to lack nutrients. August is the perfect time to also fertilize your landscape annuals, perennials and ornamental plants. The fertilization will extend the blooms further into the fall months.

September is a month to keep an eye on everything and make sure your plants and lawn are healthy. Now is the time to divide and plant any perennials that have grown too large or need to be rejuvenated. September is also a good time for your landscaper to check your irrigation to make sure your landscaping is getting proper coverage before we move into the dryer fall months. As you move through the year, use these guidelines to help plan your planting and pruning. When you are ready to update your landscaping, please reach out to the ACC. We are happy to answer questions, assist in finding the right companies and approve any appropriate changes you wish to accomplish.

Boca Grove Garden Club Can you dig it? If you like beautiful yards, lush gardens, breathtaking orchids, growing flowers, cooking with fresh herbs, visiting botanical gardens, taking house and garden tours, learning about eco-friendly gardening prac- tices, using indigenous plants, attending garden parties, digging in the dirt (option- al!), arranging floral centerpieces, starting a community garden or just plain having garden-related fun, then you are going to LOVE Boca Grove’s new Garden Club. Stop by Chippers for the inaugural meet- ing on Thursday, November 14 at 3:00 PM, where you can learn more about the pro- posed Garden Club plans and share your thoughts on activities, speakers, and field trips. Complimentary botanical-inspired cocktails and snacks will be available to celebrate the birth of our new club. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Point. Set. Match. with a Whole Lotta Love

L ove reigns supreme in Tennis but there are no zeros here … just three people who serve to love and love to serve. Beth, Brett and Wilfredo are the heart of your tennis program. This trio is the epitome of service with a smile, an easy demeanor and genuine care of both the people and the courts of Boca Grove. Beth brings a SLICE of heaven to our program, always prepared to find a solution with a smile. She was born in Saigon, Vietnam, a country rich in history and traditions with a deep respect for the land, the sea and their ancestors. That culture radiates from Beth and is evident in her love of family and her environment. Beth has a beautiful daughter who just turned 23 and a lovable pup named Dylan, they are her world. Beth has a commitment to fitness with kickboxing being a personal favorite. Gardening also tops her list of things to do when not at Boca Grove - we are hoping she will share some of her expertise with our newly developing Garden Club. Brett is SMASHing with his ability to relate to all our players, of any age and skill level. Perhaps it’s all that time writing and recording music that has honed his intuition as Brett almost seems psychic in his ability to anticipate the needs of our members. His own needs are quite simple … he loves professional football, roller coasters and pizza. Can you say “All American”? And did you know there are two of him? Brett has a twin brother, just when you thought life couldn’t get any sweeter. Wilfredo is our ACE! Working behind the scenes to keep the courts watered and healthy, our ball machine functioning and the overall appearance manicured, inviting and clean. Originally from Honduras, Wilfredo has a happy, easy way about him. Like his native land, he is friendly, polite, with a smile on his face and always ready for a party. Although tacos would be his food of choice at a celebration, he delights in barbecuing for his friends and family. Wilfredo’s best times are spent with his four daughters, two sons and six grandchildren. Family evenings with popcorn and a movie make his heart sing. Although not in the photo, I would be remiss not to mention Don … our weekend warrior who steps in to manage the shop and the courts when our full-time tennis trio is not here. Don reflects the same culture that has been created at our tennis center by Richard’s team. All are friendly with a willingness to help and serve our members. We are lucky to have them on our team. It is often debated whether tennis is a team sport or not. We create teams in tennis, we learn in teams in tennis and we encourage our teammates when they are playing as singles or doubles in unison. So I would say tennis is indeed a team sport and you definitely have a winning team in your Tennis department. Point. Set. Match. Team Boca Grove WINS with lots of Love.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Grove Life | 8

Apples and Oranges By Jennifer Jolly J im Applegate is back on the scene here in Boca Raton helping Mark Gensheimer on his Via Mizner project. Applegate is a golf course development executive and was the original General Manager here at Boca Grove. We all know Gensheimer as the kingpin of development in Boca Raton who is currently building the Residences at Mandarin Oriental and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a real coup for east Boca as the brand only has six in the US. But did you know this isn’t the first project the two have collaborated on? Applegate now works for Gensheimer as a Vice President at Gensheimer’s Penn-Florida development company and runs the day to day operation at Santa Lucia River Club but, in the beginning, Gensheimer worked for Applegate. Jim hired Mark to work at Boca Grove – Mark was one of our first Golf Professionals along with Don White. Having Jim working locally a few days a week has led to some discussions, conversations and stories about the days of ole here at your club. Some pretty amazing things happened here. Last issue we shared a visit we had from Gary Player, as you would imagine, Jim has some stories of his own. I know we talk about how Boca Grove was Gary Player’s first American home, but do you know how that came to be? Gary Player’s signing fee was paid for by a YMCA event held at our tennis center, a two-story building that was located where Fitness is now. The event was scheduled for 10:00 am and, as sometimes happens with the best laid plans, the club team was still installing carpet just 90 minutes before the opening. Jim tells the story with a glint in his eye and a smirk on his face remembering the chaos of the day. He admits that the best way to deal with the unfinished areas was to camouflage them with plants. The plants were later dispersed through property with extras sold to members or staff. Two of those plants, affectionately named Gary and Arnold, continue to thrive today at Jim’s home.

Our Honeybell, Honey

As a citrus plantation, the main crops produced here were Honeybell oranges. The Honeybell is actually a hybrid between a Darcy tangerine and a Dunkin grapefruit with more juice than flesh, producing a very refreshing sweet and sour flavor. Our golf carts were equipped with citrus bags so members could collect oranges during their round of golf.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Another fact you may not know, it was Arnold Palmer who witnessed the signing of Gary’s sponsorship agreement with Boca Grove. His arrangement was to wear the club logo while playing in tournaments and during practice for 5 years, after which time his home in Boca Grove would be his, free and clear. Gary honored his commitment and a photo of the signing (donated by Mr. Applegate) will be hanging on our new history wall in Chippers by November 1, along- side a signed copy of the painting (donated by the Janouras) we have of Arnie and Gary at the Quadel. Other photos that will be adorning that wall include an event held at Boca Grove for Sam Snead. In the photo is Sam Snead, Gary Player and Jim Applegate during a gold coins presentation. This was in recog- nition of all Snead’s tournament wins. Two Grand Master Tennis tournaments were held at Boca Grove. Pictures from these events will also be on display along with an oldie but a goodie of Bobby Riggs and RichardCenterbar, with a fashionable 80s inspiredmullet. We are excited to have reconnected with Jim Applegate and love our connection to the rich history of oranges, honey and citrus farming in south county. There is an entire section in the Boca Raton Historical Society library on Boca Grove Plantation, you can bet I will be doing some dig- ging. For those historians among our membership, please join me in documenting our past by sharing your stories so we may cherish our traditions.

What’s in a Name?

Boca Grove was a working orange plantation when it was purchased by the LaBonte family of Montreal, Quebec. Jim Applegate worked for the LaBontes as well as the two successions that took place from mid 1981 through 1985. The original street names were inspired by oranges; Mandarin, Orangewood Lane Valencia, Hamlin, Bellechase (Honeybells), Boca Grove Boulevard, but that changed a bit when Robert Campo purchased the property from the LaBontes, hence Campo Florido. Irwin Levy, the final owner before the membership took over, purchased the development from Campo when it was just under 50% developed.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Recipe of the Month: Grilled Citrus Glazed Salmon Tuscan Kale Salad, Charred Heirloom Tomato and Steamed Brown Rice Serves 4

For the Salmon 4 ea 6 oz Salmon Fillet 1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 cup Orange Juice 1 tbsp Lemon Juice 1 tbsp Lime Juice 1 oz Cornstarch Slur (Cornstarch Mixed withWater) 2 oz Margarine

Method: Place all juice in sauce pot over medium heat, bring to a boil. Whisk in cornstarch slur and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for 10 minutes and turn off heat. Whisk in margarine. Chill mixture. Brush Salmon with olive oil and place on hot grill for 4 minutes and turn over to mark other side. Brush salmon with citrus glaze and grill for another 4 minutes. Remove from grill and brush again with glaze prior to serving For the Kale Salad 4 cups Kale, cut Chiffonade ½ cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese 1 cup Raisins Extra Virgin Olive Oil as needed Ground Black Pepper as needed Method: Toss kale with cheese, raisins, and pecans. Lightly dress with lemon, olive oil and black pepper 1 cup Toasted Pecans ½ ea Lemon (juice)

For the Charred Tomatoes 2 cups Heirloom Tomatoes 2 tbsp Basil, chopped fine Olive Oil as needed

Salt and pepper as needed Method: Toss tomatoes with oil and salt and pepper. Place on sheet pan under broiler till tomatoes are slightly charred. Sprinkle with fresh basil prior to serving

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Simple & Healthy See what your Executive Chef, Dominick Laudia is cooking up at the Grove.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Grove Life | 12

Food for Thought By Carla Hull


P ack up your appetites and join us for our brand new, out of this world, Wine Passport Dinner Series. Enter the chic atmos- phere of the Grove Room and take pleasure in your taste buds’ journey with every bite and sip of the beautiful pairings created by Chef Dominick and our month’s featured sommelier.


CHEF DOMINICK’S COOKING TIP Use the Right Oils When Cooking

KITCHEN HAPPENINGS During the past few months, your culinary team was extremely busy. Our team works throughout the summer creating new menus, evaluating and developing team members’ skills and encouraging creativity and passion for their craft. We continue to evaluate operations to ensure consistency, quali- ty and to exceed member expectations. Returning events for the upcoming season • Member Cooking Classes • Junior Cooking Classes • Chef Table Dinners • Pop Up Dinners • Wine and Food Pairing Events • Culinary Team Dine Around • Iron Chef Competition Only use Extra Virgin olive oil to finish a dish or for dressings. These oils are too expensive to use for high temperature cooking. Using straight olive oil for cooking will overpower the dish and take over the flavor of the item being cooked. It is important to remember a few tips when cooking with oil. Different oils smoke at different temperatures and cooking oils can alter the taste and flavor of your dish. High temperature cooking is best with oils such as canola, avocado oil, almond oil, corn oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil. Some oils you may want to mix with canola as to not overpower the dish. For example, when stir frying, straight sesame oil can be overpowering, I recommend cutting it with canola oil.

Our limited seating will make you feel as if you could be anywhere in the world, while being surrounded by close friends and neighbors. The first of our Passport Dinner Series will be on November 8, so keep your eyes open in October for the menu. Join us for three of our blissful adventures and receive an engraved wine opener, join in for six to receive a pair of champagne glasses and those who travel with us for all nine dinners in the series will receive a sommelier selected bottle of wine. Pull out those passports, and call Marcia to guarantee your spot on this exciting journey through the wonderful world of wine. Seating is limited! Speaking of wine, I mentioned in my last article that I was working on my second WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) exam. I am proud to say I passed, and by doing so I am awarded the great pleasure and excitement of advancing our wine selection at Boca Grove. Furthermore, I give you the opportunity to treat your friends and neighbors to sips of exquisite va- rietals specially selected for our members through our Friday Night Flights specials. Ladies, mark your calendars for October 10 as it is our upcoming Ladies’ Night in Chippers Sports Bar. It is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with the company of your fellow glamorous Grove Gals. Gen- tlemen, we did not forget about you, so join us on Oc- tober 17 to indulge in Chef Dominick’s mouthwatering prime cuts of steaks, tantalizing pours of scotch, bourbon, and robust red wines. Finish the night off with a drag of a cigar on the upper veranda surrounded by friends. Both Stag Night and Ladies Night will be offered month- ly, Ladies Night will fall on every second Thursday of the month and Stag Night will follow the monthly Board Meeting each month. So, if you miss October, there will be plenty more opportunities to attend one of our loved communal soirées.

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Cocktail tips and inspiration Only use fresh squeezed lemon & lime juice Choose seltzer over other carbonated drinks

Make simple syrup with honey for bonus antioxidants Replace sugar & flavored syrups with whole fruits Choose light colored alcohols over dark ones for a “better” hangover Stick to one shot per drink Size matters, aim for 8oz per drink Choose nutritious ingredients like ginger, coffee or lemon

Mix it up for the neighborhood party! I like to call this concoction, “Hull of a Mojito” because you and your neighbors will have a “Hull” of a time after this refreshing drink Choose a handful of blueberries muddled with mint Add in agave nectar or honey to taste (about 1 tsp) 1 shot of your favorite light rum and mix it up ¼ cup of fresh fruit, my favorite is kiwi & mango Top with ¾ cup of seltzer and mix it all up Share and enjoy

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Grove Life | 14

2019-2020 FOOD & BEVERAGE Class of

Tonya likely to star in A reality show

Karyn Best teammate

Rodney Most likely to make you smile

Karen most gullible

Dorina Most likely to save the planet

Jordan Best Eyes

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Julia most involved

Angie Best Laugh

Arnold Class Clown

Mikayla Most Accident prone

Francia Most likely to be a millionaire

Debbie most talkative

Bruna Biggest prankster

Morgan most athletic

Roberta likely to become a superhero

Shenell life of the party

Feky Most upbeat attitude

Watson biggest flirt

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Events with Sparkle Social Director, Marcia Chiarelli has an event for everyone!

OCTOBER Canasta and Mahjongg Lessons October 14 through October 18 9:30 am – 11:30 am Instructor, Barbie Tannenholtz Family Fun Night Halloween Edition Sunday, October 27 | 4:30 pm Junior ghosts, goblins, princesses and superheroes come join us for our family fun night Halloween edition. Decorate pumpkins and make fun Halloween crafts at 4:30, followed by the Halloween Party and BBQ Buf- fet with Kosher options at 5:30. DJ, games, prizes and costume parade. $15 Per Child Annual Halloween Caravan Thursday, October 31 | 4:30 pm Dress up, decorate your golf cart and trick or treat around Boca Grove. Meet at 4:30 by the golf shop to collect your map and treat bag. Come back to Chippers at 6:00 for a Pizza and Pasta Dinner. Carts are first come, first serve and there is one golf cart per family please NOVEMBER Book Review with Pat Cohen “The Italian Teacher” by Tom Rachman Wednesday, November 6 | 4:00 pm Pizza, Cannoli and Pie...Oh My! Sunday, November 10 | 4:30 pm Chef Dominick and Chef Gibson will show you how to make your own personal pizza, fill cannolis and bake a pie for charity. Followed by our Italian Buffet starting at 5:30. $15 Per Child Fall Extravaganza Saturday, November 16 | 7:00 pm Reconnect with friends and celebrate a new season at Boca Grove with Chef Dominick’s amazing creations. Dance all night to the best dance band in South Florida, Private Stock. 21 years and older. $110 Per Person

Family Fun Night Thanksgiving Edition Sunday, November 24 | 4:30 pm Make your own caramel apples and decorate greeting cards for Best Foot Forward and Place of Hope. $15 Per Child. Followed by BBQ Buffet with Kosher options DECEMBER Holiday Cabaret Sunday, December 8 | 7:30 pm Featuring Vocalist, Samara Savrick $30 Per Person, includes dessert and coffee BookReviewwithPat Cohen “Smart People” by Sally Rooney Thursday, December 19 | 4:00 pm Holiday Pool Party and BBQ Thursday, December 26 | 11:00 am Poolside party with DJ, games, prizes and a gigantic slide. Complimentary 9th Annual BG Holiday Carnival Friday, December 27 | 3:00 pm New rides and fun for the whole family. $25 per child over 3 years of age. Includes wristband for unlim- ited rides and 5 tickets for food and carnival games. Followed by a dinner buffet at 5:30 with balloon artists, face painting and more! Family Fun Night Holiday Edition Sunday, December 29 | 4:00 pm Celebrate the season by building your own stuffed animal and making fes- tive treats. $20 Per Child. Followed by BBQ Buffet with Kosher options. New Year’s Eve Countdown Celebration Tuesday, December 31 | 10:00 pm Let’s celebrate! Ring in the New Year and party like its 2020. Enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres, vodka slide, DJ, laser light show, champagne toast and watch the ball drop from Times Square on the big screen. $110 Per Person

I ’ve always loved the fall. Maybe it was because I liked it when school started or because my birthday was in the fall, but, it’s just … special when fall is in the air. Yes, even in Florida! It’s that exciting time when our Boca Grove family returns to our beautiful neighborhood, alive and a buzz with tales to tell from summer vacations and cool weather getaways. Everyone is always excited to welcome another season in paradise. And this season might just be one for the record books with amazing all-star events, a parade of fun family festivities, fabulous food extravaganzas, spectacular shows, and dance parties galore. There will be something for everyone and we hope you’ll join us this season and celebrate, support and cherish the lifestyle we share at Boca Grove. We will kick off the season on Saturday, November 16 at our Fall Extravaganza featuring South Florida’s premier dance band, Private Stock. Save the date for this “sure to thrill” dance party! With so many exciting events, you will want to review the entire social calendar and mark down your favorite activities so you won’t miss a thing! All special events have 48-hour cancellation policy Please call Marcia at #137 for more information on events and to make reservations

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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The Lovely Ladies of Boca Grove Life is better with friends by your side

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

Grove Life | 18

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O ur theme this month, “a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” brings back childhood memories of watching Mister Rogers. I must admit, I do not know who the modern day version of that famous character is but as a man who educated countless children and brought joy to so many people’s homes, I thought a quote from him on children would be a good way to start off our Kid’s Corner. “One of the greatest dignities of humankind is that each successive generation is invested in the welfare of each new generation.” No group follows this mantra more tirelessly than the ladies of the Family Committee. Many of these amazing women have been active on this committee and working towards better and more competitive programming for our youth for so long, their children have “aged” out of our events – that’s how strong they feel about our future, how deep their commitment. This quarter you will see their influence in our upcoming events. In October, we have one of the largest multi-day events planned by the committee each year, HALLOWEEN! We will start on Sunday, October 27 with our Halloween party complete with dance floor, DJ and spooktacular decorations in Windows Dining Room. We will offer pumpkins and pillowcases (treat bags) to decorate for trick- or-treating during our Halloween Caravan. The Halloween Caravan on Thursday, October 31 will be a little different this year, with maps and door hangers provided ahead of time to insure every member who has candy to give gets a visit from our ghosts and ghouls. Please reach out to Marcia if you would like to be on the route. We ask that RSVPs are in by Wednesday, October 23 to insure we have time to get everyone on the map. Dinner reservations as well as golf cart reservations may also be made with Marcia. In November, the Family Committee is bringing back our Pizza Night where children of all ages work with Chef Michael (Gibson) as he wows them with his pizza flipping prowess. For added fun, we will also be filling cannolis with yummy Italian cream! All this starts at 4:30pm on Sunday, November 10, feeding into our Italian Buffet. In conjunction with our Family Barbecue on Sunday, November 24, the Family Committee is highlighting the THANKS in Thanksgiving with two projects for the kids … cards for Best Foot Forward and pies for Place of Hope. This is an amazing way to teach our youth about the importance of giving back. As a take home treat, we will have a candied and caramel apple station. All festivities begin at 4:30pm in the Grove Room. In December, as our Family Barbeque is the Sunday before New Year’s, the kiddos will be making party hats, noisemakers and small round cakes for good luck in the New Year. Ring shaped cakes bring a full circle of luck to the eater. In some traditions a coin or “baby” is baked in the cake to bring an extra serving of luck to one who finds it. We believe ALL our children are WINNERS so Build-a-Bear will be on hand to help create new animal friends for the New Year.

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Clinics Junior Clinics 10:00 am - 11:00 am Saturdays October 19 & 26 November 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 December 7, 14, 21& 28

A Round of Events Shawn Costello, Director of Golf I t’s hard to believe summer is over and the fall season is upon us. Whether you spent the time here with us, or away, we trust you and your family had a great summer and we look forward to welcoming everyone back. This summer was a very busy one, with many projects and enhancements as a focus. The most notable project you will see is the expansion of the staging area outside the Golf Shop, along with the new beverage oasis. This will help allow for better traffic flow, along

Complimentary Beginner Clinics 9:00 am - 10:00 am Sunday, November 10 Sunday, December 8

with additional parking and a state-of-the-art beverage area. Additionally, we have completed the full integration of Golf Genius software, which will allow you to sign-up for all events online with your smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. It’s also important to note, that should you not want to register for an event using this technology, you can simply let a member of the Golf Staff know, and we will be glad to sign you up. Every great club in the world starts with the relationships between members and staff. I am proud to say I had the opportunity to experience this unique bond while the course was closed over the summer. You may recall the members of Boca Grove were recently invited on a golf trip to BandonDunes Golf Resort. A small group responded, and I was lucky to join them on this truly memorable trip. Our days were filled with amazing golf, fun, laughs and most importantly, quality time getting to know these great ambassadors of Boca Grove. Thank you to Arny Cohen, Larry Cohen, Steve Sager, Gary Lesnik, Mark Gilman, and Trevor Klein. We have also spent time reviewing and continually looking for ways to increase and elevate Boca Grove to a world class facility with corresponding staffing levels and service. We are so proud of the Honorable Mention we received fromThe Platinum Clubs of America, the first in the history of Boca Grove. I’d like to thank the entire Boca Grove staff for all their hard work to help make this happen. The start of this season features some great events. The men and women have their Opening Days in November and there are two couples’ events prior to January; the first being the Halloween Mixer on October 27, followed by the Thanksgiving Mixer on November 24. January 2020 will soon be here, and along with it means the World Golf Handicap will be in effect. Please stay tuned for our announcements regarding this change and how it will affect you. We have many great equipment demo days scheduled for this season, and the next two up are XXIO/Cleveland/Srixon on November 22, and Callaway showcasing their products on December 20. Please come out and see these legendary manufacturers’ latest and greatest! Our staff works tirelessly throughout the year to help ensure a first class environment for you and your guests. We appreciate all of your support and feedback aswe continue to move forward, taking every opportunity to create a memorable experience you will be proud of. On behalf of the entire Golf Department Staff, we hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, along with much joy, peace and happiness.

Sip N Tips 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, November 13 “Putting and Pina Coladas” Wednesday, December 11 “Bunkers and Brews”

Ladies Clinic 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Thursday, November 7 Thursday, December 5

Golf Mixers Halloween Mixer Sunday, October 27 Thanksgiving Mixer Sunday, November 24 Around the World Mixer Sunday, December 15

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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Player’s Corner Dan Pendola, Head Golf Professional I n this edition of Player’s Corner I would like to discuss how you should adjust your swing for playing in the wind. From an excerpt in Gary Player’s Black Book, he explains playing in the wind in a very simple way. “If it’s breezy, swing easy” he says. There are a few reasons why this is a true statement. When you swing hard, you impart more backspin on the ball, and it tends to fly higher or in most

WGA Pre-Opener Tuesday, October 29 MGA Opening Day Saturday, November 2 WGA Opening Day Tuesday, November 5 WGA F-O-N-E Tuesday, November 12 MGA Individual Quota Saturday. November 16 WGA Stableford Tuesday, November 19 WGA Best Ball Tuesday, November 26 WGA Triple Crown Tuesday, December 3 MGA Triple Crown Saturday, December 7 WGA Shamble Tuesday, December 10 WGA Holiday Scramble Tuesday, December 17 MGA 2 Man Blind Draw Saturday, December 21 League Events

cases, a little more offline. If you swing easy at a five iron instead of a seven iron, the ball will naturally come offwith less spin andmore control. Inmy opinion, knowing the best way to safely get the ball in play is crucial. Play to your strengths and your natural shot shape but I will go over a few ways to help you if you struggle in the wind. If the wind is over thirty miles per hour, the best way to handle it is to stay home. If you do decide to give it a go in heavy wind, tee height for example, is very important. Teeing the ball low off the tee will generally help you keep the ball down. Another way to keep the ball down is to play the ball further back towards your right foot, if you’re a right-handed golfer. Be careful though, playing the ball back in your stance will cause you to come into impact a bit steeper and could cause you to hit fat shots. If you are a slicer, the wind can be tricky. Slicers come into impact at a steeper angle than a person who hooks the ball. A slicer will impart more spin on the ball and spin is not your friend into a heavy wind. Some slicers need to takemore club into the wind then someone who tends to hook the ball. I have a specific way I navigate the wind. With almost all my irons and wedges, if I normally play the ball slightly ahead of center in my stance. When its windy, and I need to keep the ball low, I will move the ball back slightly to the center of my stance, but I put more weight into my front foot and keep it there throughout my swing. Essentially pivoting around my front leg. Also, I try to abbreviate my finish. This helps me deloft the club through impact keeping the ball low. Give it a shot, it works for me. If you would like to know a bit more on how to navigate the wind, please feel free to ask me. I would be happy to show you. As Gary Player says, “In the wind, hit it high and you’ll cry. Hit it low and you’ll make dough.”

DEMO DAYS 11:00 am - 3:00 pm November 22 Cleveland, Srixon and XXIO December 20 Callaway

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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S mall but mighty is a term I’ve heard my entire life. And although I attribute it to Shakespeare’s “though she be but little, she is fierce” it likely stems from Aeschylus’ “from a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” Both are fitting descriptions of our Mighty Men of Maintenance as they are a tiny team that produce a tremendous amount of work. From changing a light bulb to showing up after hours to handle an emergency to bringing our many special events to life – ladies, do you remember that amazing watering can display at the WGA Closing Luncheon? That was produced by our Mighty Men of Maintenance … and they are Roberto, Tony, Jose and Junior. Junior is the most recent addition to our team. He is actually pretty outdoorsy spending time camping, hunting and fishing. You will see that fishing is a common thread among our maintenance team, some choosing it for sport, others for relaxation. Junior prefers the ocean for therapy, he finds it revitalizing and it serves as the perfect backdrop for his practice of martial arts. Junior is both a competitor and a fan! Probably my favorite thing about Junior is that he is a weekend cowboy, referring his three beautiful horses as his “children”. Jose is a single parent of two children whom he is very proud of, and rightly so! His daughter is a Dentist and his son just finished high school and will be going on to college. Jose graduated from university in Columbia with a degree in Library & Information Sciences. He enjoys a good book but would certainly put it down if Madrid was playing soccer, Jose is a self-professed FANATIC! Maybe the one thing he enjoys more than soccer is giving gifts to beautiful women. I can tell you firsthand, of all the Secret Santa gifts our team shared last year, the absolute best one was the gift Jose gave to Heather. He took great pride both in his selection as well as in the wrapping and presentation. Tony is the athlete in the group with baseball being his best sport. He adores his grandchildren and can often be found playing tag, catch and hide-n-seek. The beach is where Tony goes during his time off of work. Building sandcastles with his grandchildren and reading a lot of books add enjoyment to days by the seashore. Fishing is another favorite pastime, another sport he is teaching his grandchildren. Where Tony fishes for the sport of it, Roberto likes to fish in rivers for relaxation and reflection. So what about our leader … Roberto is our traveler, which makes perfect sense when you consider his father migrated his family from Spain to Argentina having no connections to that country. That sense of adventure is in Roberto’s DNA, which prompted his migration to the United States. He loves to learn about other cultures and share those experiences with his own family. Roberto has three children, one son and two daughters – one of which had a beautiful baby girl during Hurricane Dorian. In addition to fishing, he enjoys building cabinetry and renovating homes but he gets the most satisfaction out of life from what he gives back to the community. Each year Roberto coordinates a group of friends who bring toys to low-income children in hospitals and foster homes. They say as a team we are inspired by our leader and defined by our weakest link. As you can see, Roberto is fearless (not quite fierce), with a strong work ethic and a heart of gold. I work with his team on a regular basis and can attest I have not seen nor experienced any weak links among them. So whether it’s Aeschylus or Shakespeare, your Men of Maintenance are Mighty indeed! The Mighty Men of Maintenance

Mission To deliver a boutique lifestyle set in an oasis of uncompromising beauty with facilities and activities that encourage healthy mind, body experiences, a strong sense of community and lasting friendships.

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Take the Challenge! David Schlueter, Fitness Director I t’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. This time of year, it is easy to get wrapped up in our own personal worlds and that can get stressful. Fear not, our goal at the fitness center is to not only keep you healthy but also aid in creating a strong camaraderie within Boca Grove. That said, we have several excellent group activities planned throughout the year which will strengthen the mind and body.

PILATES Tuesday 9:15 am Laurie Wednesday 10:45 am Babs Thursday 9:15 am Laurie YOGA Monday 8:00 am Evelyn Tuesday 4:30 pm Michelle Wednesday 8:00 am Evelyn Friday 8:00 am Evelyn Off the Mat Yoga Saturday 11:00 am Michele Yin Yoga Thursday 4:30 pm Jeannette ZUMBA Sunday 10:00 am Miryam AEROBIC & SCULPT CLASSES Cardio Sculpt Monday 9:30 am Philis Thursday 8:00 am Laurie MAT & BARRE WORKOUT Tuesday 8:00 am Laurie JUMP & PUMP Friday 9:30 am Caz STRETCH Monday 5:00 pm Harriet Wednesday 5:00 pm Harriet MELT METHOD & TOTAL BODY STRETCH Friday 4:00 pm Kathleen AQUA-CISE Monday 9:00 am Sharon Tuesday 9:00 am Sharon Wednesday 9:00 am Marylou Thursday 9:00 am Sharon Friday 9:00 am Noah Saturday 9:00 am Marylou Sunday 9:00 am Babette KICKBOXING

October starts our inaugural PUMP-kin Spooktacular. Much like March Madness, we created two teams to compete in daily workout and class challenges. We find this is a great way to meet new people and get better acquainted with our staff. Keep your eyes peeled for pop-up group circuit trainings as well. OnWednesday, October 16, we will be hosting a lecture by registered dietitian, Jenna Appel, which you won’t want to miss. Jenna is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her excitement is contagious. Another new event this year will be our walk and wine evening on Thursday, November 7, when we will have a walk throughout the community, followed by some wine and laughs. We all need ways to down shift and destress, this event will provide that opportunity. Don’t forget to join us onThanksgiving Day for our annual Turkey Trot 5k run/walk/ ride at 8 am. Add a little extra motivation by signing up for the Navy SEALs Freedom Frog 5k and receive a commemorative medal. Our youth basketball tournament scheduled for Friday, December 20, has also become a fun filled staple over the years and soccer may be added to the mix with our new field. Last year the fitness staff organized a Boca Grove team, to race in the local Spartan 5k obstacle course. This year we will be gathering another team of brave souls for a Spartan Beast race (which is longer and tougher) in Orlando the first weekend in December. Sprinkled throughout this time we will also have lectures and workshops to offer. Keeping in mind the adage, “there is strength in numbers”, let us focus on coming together to strengthen our bodies and our community.


How to eat healthy away from home Maintain your health goals no matter where you are with a few tips and tricks from Registered Dietitian Jenna Appel. Wednesday, October 16 5:30 pm

Total Body Wednesday

9:30 am Brian

HIIT Saturday

8:00 am Brian

Sign up in the Fitness Center

Vision Inspire and enable members to enjoy every day of their lives.

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